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  1. that's awesome, I'm glad you're giving the shampoo a go with the exfoliation, I hope it works because that would be much better and easily obtainable by ppl in different countries :D just fyi, unless yo'ure using the facial brush (i.e. if yo'ure using the pedicure brush or the electric toothbrush) then it's imperitive that you only exfoliate once per day, and then just wash with the H&S the other time, because if you exfoliate twice per day with anything other than a facial brush, you'll b
  2. Thanks so much for the offer!! Ive ordered some off the ebay seller that dav_poolpro recommended above but if there is a problem with that I will contact you. Thanks so much! dav_poolpro - thanks so much for that ive ordered 2!! fingers crossed! no problem... glad it worked out for you.
  3. I too am using the H&S with Hydrazinc with good results. So far I like it better than the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing bar I had been using. I have been using it with the jessfoliation method and have seen some pretty drastic improvements in 24 hours. I'll keep with it and update soon.
  4. I am in the US and wouldn't mind shipping some over to you. we could work out the details with Paypal, etc.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! After stumbling upon this thread I remembered that long ago when I used H&S for my hair, I had very little breakouts along my forehead. As for a little history, I have been on the CSR regimen for over 9 months religiously but never got where I wanted to be (quit the CSR 2 weeks ago). I found it a pain in the a$$ and time consuming applying all that crap, er I mean product on my face. I sweat very easy and there is nothing worse than gooey, shirt bleaching sweat ru
  6. I started the jessfoliation regimen last week after dropping the CSR regimen (1 year religously with so-so results). I began with the Cetaphil bar Jess recommended but it felt like it left a film on my skin that wouldnt rinse off. I also began to break out around my nose and inner cheek areas with many tiny bumps (Never really had a bad problem there before). Maybe it's just my skin adjusting to the changes of dropping the BP and beginning the exfoliating but being the paranoid type that I am
  7. Using a full finger for the entire face. I went back to the Neutregena recommended moisturizer this morning. I tend to have sensitive skin. The area that is plauging me the most has been my forehead and I have bangs that hang down to my eyebrows. Wonder if that has something to do with me not clearing up there.
  8. I have been on the regimen for 6 months now and have been following it religiously (watch the videos every so often just to make sure). I have had moderate to mild acne at times and have made progress using the CSR but am not there yet. I use: Basis recommended bar, Dan's BP, and Neutregena recommended moisturizer. I switched moisturizers two days ago to the Eucerin recommended moisturizer that Dan highly recommends thinking it might offer some improvements. Well, my forehead has broken out