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  1. Here's the deal: my acne isn't very bad. I get a few whiteheads some days, but they go away fast. So acne isn't my real problem. My real problem is that I can't stop thinking about my face. I know I'm overreacting when I am embarrased about my face, but I don't know how to overcome it. I think about acne all day long. I look at other people's faces and compare thers to mine. I'm obsessed with acne and I just want to stop thinking about it!! This is making me really depressed and it has
  2. someonecool17

    Me and Myself

    it's just a pic of me.
  3. http://hocks.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?pa...cnepads/3928710 Any more info on these? Do they stop oil like they claim?
  4. #-o ... i see how it is... no one replies to my thread
  5. :-k Man, i live in Austin, Texas and so it seems like mine should've arrive the 2nd day.. but today is the 6th business day i believe and it's still not here! Stuppid post office.... ](*,)
  6. [-( O comeon. I made this thread first!! How come mine got deleted and this n00b's thread took my place?! ](*,) not cool.... [-X
  7. talk to a guy on these boards named Leon. He lives in the Netherlands, maybe he would know.
  8. Aysia, I put the word "friends" in quotes cuz I don't really consider them friends. However, I am jealous of their lifestyles and I wish I could be one of them. And if I seperate myself completely from them, then there will be very few friends of mine left. I'm trying to find new ones though.
  9. The same thing is going on with me too, Dan. Ordered mine last Friday and still haven't gotten it yet. I'll let u know when i get it.
  10. This has nothing to do with acne, but I really hate my life sometimes. I hate my "friends" who always ditch me and don't give a fvck about me. I hate spending friday nights alone while they go out and have fun. I hate it.
  11. I think you need to keep a counter somewhere on this site that tracks the number of units that you've sold. That'd be cool.