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  1. I've had clear skin and a "normal" cycle since going off BCP and taking Vitex. Believe me, I had the worst skin of my life when I went off BCP 2 years ago. I also really didn't get a period for the first month, and had very irregular and light ones after that. It's amazes me how Vitex has worked so well this time around. I did break out with a few white heads the first few weeks (nothing major though). I haven't broken out since (knock on wood!). I also eat an extremely healthy diet, and sti
  2. I can handle a break-out, just not a huge horrible one that has no end in sight! its so frustrating.... that's what happened to me when I first went off BCP. my body has to start getting used to making its own hormones, and not be so estrogen-dominant from the BCP. anyway, I'm still popping the Vitex here (1 week in)--I just have to make sure I take it with food. weird, but I think I'm more sensitive to caffeine right now (could be going off BCP or the Vitex? don't know. Vitex isn't a stimulan
  3. these might not be directly related to acne, but since I love cooking and try eating healthy, these are some sites I like to go to for inspiration. a great resource for healthy foods and info, she features vegetarian recipes http://www.101cookbooks.com/ I love this resource. she follows the "nourishing traditions" diet, of which there is a book about. info on sprouting and cooking with natural food http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/catego...-frugal-recipes
  4. So you have been off BCP since Oct. and haven't had a period since then? They say it can take up to 6 months to regulate, so after that I'd make an appt. with your doc to see if they can do anything. I'm taking Vitex and drinking red raspberry leaf tea, but there other methods out there too. I just don't know anything about them (like natural progesterone cream). Then again, if your cycle was irregular before you went on BCP, it would be the same irregularity after going off them (after an initi
  5. I will officially be BCP-free on Sunday! YAY! I hated being on those stupid pills, all those chemicals. I have the same problems as everyone else in this thread--I've tried to go off BCP for about 3 years now. The first time--it was really bad, but I feel like I have more knowledge about it this time around. And I am determined to stick it out for 6 months. I think the key is to re-balance the hormones. It kind of makes me mad, I started taking BCP when I was 15 for acne (I'm 23 now). I hate tha
  6. I made my first green smoothie yesterday, it was pretty good! I used baby spinach, but kale is so cheap I'll find some uses for kale too. Most greens are so bitter, I have a hard time eating them even as salads or cooked. This is a perfect way to get those greens. Though I read that spinach has more nutrition in it if you cook it---anyone blanch their spinach first and then add it in?
  7. I think I posted on this before, but now I understand a bit more on what I am dealing with... So, a few years ago I went off birth control pills and my PF went crazy. It was everywhere (not only the usual back and chest but on my neck, hairline, and the tops and sides of my shoulders) it was all mixed in with a few actual zits. I spent the winter with scarves around my neck. I went to a new derm though and he prescribed Rosula pads. Here are the actual pads: Rosula. I have no experience with th
  8. My mainstays right now is CG True Plum and a mineral rosy blush. the Wed'n'Wild "Naive" blush has gotten pretty reviews on makeupalley, I really want to try it out! especially since it's so cheap anyway.
  9. I've been tempted to try Zeno for those inflamed, underground ones (especially since I don't get them so frequently that I need Accutane, which makes my problem into a no-win situation). I just don't want to shell out $200 for something that has such mixed reviews.
  10. Adult acne is sometimes even more hard to deal with--because when you're young, it's "expected" you'll have some acne and you can tell yourself that you'll grow out of it. Mine comes and goes, when I try going off my many meds it gets really bad. I hate how many products I'm dependent on though, because it's a battle that can never be won, just fought. A few things that have helped over the years (don't know if you're doing it or not, but I'll put it out there): -daily multivitamin/multiminer
  11. I love garbanzo beans with rice---lots of protein.