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  1. Ive heard from some people that moisturizer can clog up your pors but im not sure if its true.
  2. I have heard people say that the iodine in the fish is bad for u.
  3. well its to cold to run right now but i've been usin my mom's taebo dvds.
  4. im not sure if it ages you but i think bp increases your skins sensitivity to the sun.
  5. i think i got one of those things a few years ago....i tried to push it down but it would just come right back up so i finally poped it with a needle and wiped up the juice inside.
  6. if been usin that stuff for about two weeks or so and i think it help a little.
  7. I just saw a commercial for oxy...it had dave mirra talkin about how it important to try hard and stuff to be like the best at bmx.....then he was like "and thats why u need oxy."
  8. Hey catherRye, r u serious about the neutrogena healthy skin lotion causing u to break out, because i just bought this suff like 5 minutes ago.
  9. Ive never had them in my nose before but ive had one inside my ear before.
  10. One of my pillowcases turned from a light blue to white.
  11. Ive gotten those before and them things hurt like a bitch.
  12. A few months ago i poped everthing single one on my face but lately i have gotten very good at controlling myself