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  1. Awesome progress dude .......I new u would improve.
  2. if i were him i would have kicked that girl square in the nuts.
  3. I use to have it but i didnt have anybody to talk with because my friends didnt want to get it.
  4. My friends never made fun of me for my acne but they used to call my other friend Mr.Pimples.
  5. U want me to eat a dick huh...ill eat yours..oh that right u dont have one. just to let u know lox ive been jokin around this whole time
  6. Im sick, ur the one who wants to know if people r gay or not
  7. Bitch slap? Yea bitch slap because your a bitch
  8. (Slaps Lox for calling me a hippie)Kalm down Young One it was a joke.
  9. Im definetly using that idea for next year. Thank you TennesseeGrl for the idea and may I ask what part of Tennessee u live in cause im from Tennessee to.
  10. At nightime I use: Olay Regenerist cleanser Duac And I sometimes use Neutragena Healthy Skin Lotion.
  11. Im 15 turning 16 on April 8th
  12. From the album: Update

    The other comparison picture was too small so I made a new picture that is closer up.
  13. reebok4146


  14. But it wasnt for me, but for a guy in my class. He has acne and he had like 2 big scabs on his face. After we turned in our test my teacher ask him what happened to his face. I could see it in his face that he didnt know what to say so he finallly said something about getting hit in the face with a soccerball. I felt really bad cuase I would have been super embarrased.
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    From the album: Update

    Right Side
  16. reebok4146


    From the album: Update

    Left Side