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  1. im always having problem on my nose. it is full of blackheads and white heads and has big pores. and sometimes i also get a zit on this stupid nose and its really embarasing coz its like rudolph the red nose raindeer when i have a zit there. and my nose is also oily.. any advice on how can i sole my problem? :think:

    What has done WONDERS for my nose acne is organic apple cidar vinegar. It cleans your nose and can fight off bacteria from acne. My nose looks perfect now! :) You can either dilute it or use it as is (which is what I do).

    im goign to try this but how often and how much do u put on?

  2. I left this one for another friend on this site.

    Send her a pizza with a note that says "Will you go to prom with me? If yes, eat the pizza and return the box. If no, eat the box and return the pizza."

    Cute, fun, inexpensive, semi-casual but requires thought, not lovey-dovey or girly. I love it!

    Im definetly using that idea for next year. Thank you TennesseeGrl for the idea and may I ask what part of Tennessee u live in cause im from Tennessee to.

  3. But it wasnt for me, but for a guy in my class. He has acne and he had like 2 big scabs on his face. After we turned in our test my teacher ask him what happened to his face. I could see it in his face that he didnt know what to say so he finallly said something about getting hit in the face with a soccerball. I felt really bad cuase I would have been super embarrased.