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    Baseball, basketball, and videogames.
  1. love your avatar! I gotta have more cowbell!!!!

  2. What has done WONDERS for my nose acne is organic apple cidar vinegar. It cleans your nose and can fight off bacteria from acne. My nose looks perfect now! You can either dilute it or use it as is (which is what I do). im goign to try this but how often and how much do u put on?
  3. reebok4146

    Some updates! (4 years later)

    Havent visited here in awhile. Still get some occasional breakouts. My main problem is whiteheads/blackheads on on my nose and around my nose.
  4. reebok4146


  5. 5'5 145----I lost 5 pounds this week .....been watchin wat i eat and started running.
  6. On the last day of school me and a bunch of my friends are gonna go watch X3. June 1-June 6 i will be in florida with my youth group. Im also goin to california for 2 weeks in July.
  7. does ur camera have a self timer.
  8. if i were him i would have kicked that girl square in the nuts.
  9. I use to have it but i didnt have anybody to talk with because my friends didnt want to get it.
  10. My friends never made fun of me for my acne but they used to call my other friend Mr.Pimples.