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  1. Grats on finally gettin clear but I think that different people need different regimens to become clear once and for all. What works for one person isn't necessarily gonna work for the next...it's all about finding the right balance of supplements/amount of times you wash your face/things you eat/how much water you drink/ etc etc...a person may break out from eating some cereal for e.g, while some1 else may break out from drinking milk...hard moutain to climb imo. Grats though ! --jay
  2. So dan has 'favourites' does he?! Well fine, I will remove myself from this board and only post in the lounge from now...ha. --jay
  3. Hey dan, how come I never got a free tube?! #-o --jay
  4. Grats. I was never any good at science but I think i'll read some of the threads in this forum an then go an retake my exam. --jay
  5. Thanks man. Been searching for a good facial moisturiser for a while now...tried loads of others but most of em seemed to break me out every once in a while so I juss stopped usin em... #-o Face is really dryin up now, pain in the ass.... ](*,) --jay
  6. That clean an clear moisturiser...is it juss for body acne? An is it expensive? :-k --jay
  7. Yeh, an plus ya only young so you have pretty much all of life to look forward 2. It can only get better by the sound of it. --j
  8. At least we have all experienced what acne does to a person cychologically. Not only does it make us stronger for times when we are eventually clear an times when we need it most, but it also gives us experience in dealing with ppl we meet that have acne. We aren't gonna go up to a person an start touching their face an tell em to cut down on the junk food cus we all know how much that would hurt. We are gonna do our best to help the guy out, take him/her for what she is an completely ignore the
  9. It's obvious to me whats happening here. This chick has started to develop serious feelings for ya but she feels embarassed to do anything about it becus you have acne, hence her sudden 'arrogance'. She feels threatened to associate herself with you on that level. I may be wrong but that is the vibe i'm gettin. :-k --jay
  10. Aww nancy...that is sweet. O:) Where you been btw?! I haven't seen ya around in ages! --j p.s. i'll take the covergirl plz!