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  1. I decided to quit smoking because I heard acne gets worse because of it so here we go Its Day two Still smoke free, last night was hard i wanted a smoke put thought about puting a new pimple on my face and just like that i wasnt interested in smoking again. Also face this morning wasnt nerlly as dry.
  2. Day 1 Smoke free, I dont feel like i need a smoke right now, i am commited. as of yesterday i smoked 1/2 pack a day for about a year, smoking 2 1/2 years totall. No change in face yet.
  3. good, i think this would be the best reason EVER for me to quit
  4. is smoking Cigs bad for your face, and can it cause acne or make it worse???
  5. I have my acne under control... somewhat, its not perfect but it will work, and now i have very dry and red skin, how could I make this look healthy, Should I use alo vera, If so, when should i apply it, I also use tazorac which i use at bedtime.? Someone please help
  6. Hey, I'm 18 and dealing with acne for like 5 years, and am sick of it, I have been on Tazorac for about 4 months now, and it helps some, but it makes my face very uncomfortable, Very red, and pretty bad pealing around lips, below my bottom lip chin area, and right above my eyes below eyebrows. I wash my face with Dial twice a day because I was told antibaterial soap is the way to go, But how do I get this redness and pealing to go away, and how can I take care of the rest of my acne???