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  1. Well, you should actually cycle your intake on b5. 8g of b5 a day for 5 months without letting your body rest is too much for anyone to take. Use a 8 weeks on 4 weeks off or even 2 weeks off before starting the cycle again. Anyway, even though I eat 5-6 healthy meals/day while taking GNC's ultra mega gold, I find it difficult to sleep at night during the period I consume b5.
  2. well I noticed that my back didn't grew any acne once I start taking B5. Btw, I take 1g of twinlabs B5 and 2 tablets of GNC's Hyper mega gold daily (inside contains B5 too). 1 more thing, quitting smoking really helps on reducing acne as well.
  3. Thx for your advice. I'd stop taking creatine for about 1 week and see what happens
  4. Thx jenny, I went to the store and saw it comes in 250mg and 500mg. IMHO, I think GNC really over-priced B5 even though there was a discount. Well I eventually went to nature's farm and found twinlab's B5 which was relatively cheaper. Is it any gd? And one more thing guys, is it really nessesary to take as much as 10g/day? That's around 20 pills/day. Its really a lot!
  5. yes i took creatine and protein a few months before taking B5, my daily dosage of creatine is around 10g. Well the B5 I took is from KAL, its around 100mg/tablet. I hope by changing it to twinlabs 500mg, the quality will change and i might be able to adapt to it.
  6. Well, I've been taking B5 for a week now, around 1g/day and my stomache is bloated, I even puked twice yesterday. I'm taking other supplements such as vitamin C,E,cell-tech(creatine) & nitro-tech(whey protein) as well. I seriously hope that its because my body cannot adapt to my new body building schedule from my old one, that it fell ill and not because of B5. I used to go to the gym three times a week and on one non-gym day or cardio day, I'd jog for 3-4km. Recently I need to increase
  7. Does GNC sell any type of B5 tablets? The most concenrated product I can find, is sadly only 100mg/tablet.
  8. Hi, maybe I the difference between spreading it around the face until its absorbed and rubbing it in? Do I have to rub the on the spot treatment until no white patches can be seen?
  9. I have the problem of not socialising with girls because of my acne, and I'd really like to trade a few yrs of my life for gd skin. I started to have problems with acne since I was 15, now I'm 19 and I still breakout, although not as bad as it was. Does the regime really work? I mean I'm living in singapore, can the products listed by Dan be bought here? As bro garkee stated that some products costs a bomb, like dermalogica and doesn't work that well, its a gd S$70 for a 2 oz medicated gel, sh
  10. Can Accutane be taken with building body supplements such as cell-tech & nitro-tech?