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  1. tazorac blew for me. I was on it for about 7 weeks. I broke out like never before, i would start to see results then BAM! break out again. I started to see some results around the 7 week area but i was soo fed up with it i decided to go on accutane. I never had moderate acne, mild at most but tazorac gave me moderate acne and foreced me onto accutane i feel. But its ok because of my bad breakout from tazorac im on my 3rd week with accutane and have only gotten better, it really forced all that s
  2. Started Accutane a little over a week ago. So fa, the results have been poistive. Everything, except for my neck, has gotten better. I have had a few side effects tho, My eyes get dry and make it hard to read, nothing too bad, just annoying. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a safe eye drop for someone who doesnt wear contacts. I am also scared about becoming dependent on the eye drops. My nose sometimes become very bothersome. The skin is very dry at the corners and is very irritating.
  3. Your journal is awesome, it has really helped me out. Im about to go on accutane (just waiting for my bloodwork to get done). i was on tazorac and had a horible breakout, my face has started to clear but i didnt want to take any chances so i asked for accutane. Im a senior in high school so i am worried about accutane affecting my social life. but i asked my derm and she said that the bad breakout from tazorac i experienced may make the i.b from accutane easier. so thats awesome news, because o
  4. Im trying to decide which type of acne i suffer from. im not so clear on what exactly a cyst is. Also, how do scars form? My worry is that my major breakout spot happens to be all around my mouth, so shaving everyday is a trial. Sometimes i cut open my pimples, will this cause scarring. I have been on tazorac .05% and mino. twice daily for about a month and a half and have seen little to no improvements. I have a derm appt. in a week and the question is whether or not to go on accutane. I've
  5. what side affects did you experience on low dosage, AgentX? How long was your initial breakout period? Im on tazorac and have had no improvement. I have moderate acne, certainly not the worst. But i want it gone! The problem is im a senior in high school with a pretty good social life. I dont know if i can stand the thought of waking up every morning for 10 weeks with worse acne. im already incredibly self-conscience about my face.
  6. can somebody please give me an approximate timeline from your personal experience with accutane. like how long was your inintial breakout? when did it occur? How much worse did it make you? how long before you were all clear? also, did it work? what were the side effects? and anthing else. Im just curious. Ihave a derm. appt. coming up and i may push for accutane. my acne is not that bad, but its enough to wear im intensly self-consicience. Im in the 12th grade, and have been suffering from a
  7. What moisturizure do you recommend? I feel that moisturizer will make me breakout more. I use Miocyclein 100 ml twice daily and tazorac, my face is dry!
  8. thanks i greatly appreciate it. Im going to stick with it and i hope it helps. out of curiosity, how bad was your acne to start with?
  9. hi, i just found this site and man am i greatly relieved. there is so much information here! but i need help I just started taking minocyclein again ( i stopped for the summer due to sun) im on the maximum dosage 100ml twice daily. I was also prescribed tazorac with it. I have mild acne but right now its bad! Im in my second week of starting the meds again. In the past minocyclein has not really helped, i still breakout. I have no idea how to take the tazorac, right now my face is dried and