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  1. ever since i put vinegar on my face that dried up kill all my ance and help my scar better after i stop using vinegar instead each day i wash my face with soap before asleep i dont have anymore acne and my scar is almost all gone. it only been almost 2 month since i found this threat and it improve so much. i glad that i found this site and this threat. i hope the info i post will help
  2. no brow spot? then you're lucky.... i do this everynight but i only aplly for the spot with scar left and leave the healing part alone till my whole face get better. so basically i dont apply much because i only have a fews scar left. if you dont get brown spot from it then your face is in better condiction then mine.
  3. only apply to the spot that the scar is still showing till it get better, leave the un-infected an part alone. p.s please dont peel of the brown spot (dead skin) and let it heal and naturally fall off. i have a few scar now i used to have like 50 all over my cheek and now only 3 or 4 which is 5-6 year old scar...but it getting smaller...i will keep applying vinegar on that spot till it vanish. i poped most pimple on my noise and foward head and i never have any scar there...i wonder why...
  4. "damn YOU LOOK FUCKED" my friend said that to me....i almost kick his ass for that but it seem wierd to beat him up in front of the whole school because he make fun of my acne.....so i dint say nothing
  5. its the type that is deep like a pit type after i i squeeze LARGE pimple hard as i could till it left me a big scar and took 3 year to heal and some fingure nail mark because i used to pop pimple iwth my hand i just took a shower and wash all the antibiotic off and it look great all my skin are even and the deep scar is comming up and it look so small now!!!
  6. I done this after just 2 day that i read this interesting post and i also drink dilute lemon like maya describe but i want result fast so i dint dilute the vinegar
  7. if the spot where you apply vinegar to and the scar is gone then no need to apply there agian. so cut paper tissue up to small pieces and soak them up with binegar, you can use this pieces to aplly in specific area that you want to get rid of scar and oh yea to cure redness after you aplly vinegar all you need is some itching cream ( for curing pision oak and pision ivy itch) after one night of sleep your skin colr will turn back to normal and your scar is gone. it really w
  8. i forgot to tell you guys that only the infected part with scars will experient these redness and black spot(dead skins) other then pain and burn...it works great!! my left side of the face dotn have no more scar acept for the right because there is a deep pited scar large as my thumb, but its now getting smaller a litle...ok remember the first time you do this your face will look horrible...you might actually think it will look worse but then give it time and keep doing it....it work faster t
  9. for heavy scar apply fulled vinegar to the face with solf paper tissues and leave it on for 30 min ( your face might turn white and burn after plus with redness and it also turn puffy..dont forget you might experient painful burn) then take it off after that your skin turn thick and puffy and make your deep scar rise above the surface....dont do this if you scare of pain and planing to go outdoor.(you know why)