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  1. Hello! Sounds like you are doing much better. I just had a read through your blog - I finished my course of Tane about a year ago. I just wanted to say, steaming is a really bad idea. I know it seems like it would help clear your pores, but in fact, the sweat can clog your pores and make your acne much worse. Avoid the steam! There's a really good site that may help understand this. It's written for dermatologists, by dermatologists, so it's really unbiased (as they're not trying to sell you t
  2. Soooo, it's been almost a year since I finished my course of Roaccutane (well, officially at least) and since then, there have been a lot of ups and downs. After my last entry, the BP worked for a little while, then the acne came back with a VENGEANCE! I got some nasty big ole cysts again and was pretty depressed. My skin was also super oily again. I spent a whole £8 on some "Freederm" gel, as it was pretty much the only thing I hadn't tried, and that was a complete waste of money - it did noth
  3. Almay do a foundation called "Skin Stays Clean" and it has been a real godsend for me. It's non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores and cause acne), oil free, great coverage and stays on really well on oily skin. If she would use a powder based foundation, the other foundation i use is the clarins exress compact - it's also non-comedeogenic and also gives great coverage. I switch between the 2 depending on what kind of skin day i am having, but I haven't changed from those two for about a year now.
  4. Acne.org comes to the rescue yet again! After my rather depressing last post, I decided to start doing something about it again and had a read of Dan's regimen. I went out and got myself some benzoyl peroxide, some oli free moisturiser and a gentle face wash, and after a week, my skin was already looking better. The BP really controls the oil production, which seems to be my main problem, and I have no zits currently. Hooray for Dan! Might attach a pic so you can see what my skin is like post-t
  5. 8th April 2007 - UPDATE ALMOST A YEAR ON Hey everybody, So it's been almost a year since I finished on the Roaccutane officially and it's not exactly been smooth sailing so far. After my last post, my skin continued to get oilier and I made a rather silly but necessary decision. I knew that if I went back to my doctor and asked to continue on the roacctuane, they would refuse and I still had quite a lot of my tablets left. Also, I was getting married and wanted good skin! So, I decided to put
  6. 27th July 2006 - about 2 months post-tane Hey everyone! How are you all doing? It's been a pretty long time since I posted, but I thought I should come back and tell you all how my skin is doing these days. Good news first? Ok. I have not had any zits for a couple of months (apart from a couple of tiiiiiny ones on my forehead). Blackheads are pretty minimal, though there are a few reappearing here and there. The bad news - my skin is incredibly oily. Like, practically dripping with oil. I hav
  7. So, I FINALLY had my last appointment with the derm, after waiting 2 and a bit months. As usual, they were running about an hour late. I saw a new derm that hadn't seen meu throughout my treatment, and I was apprehensive about telling him that I had decided to stop taking the tane. As it turns out, he agreed with me and said that I had made a good decision. He said he was pleased with how my skin was looking and that he couldn't see any pitting of the skin, only redness. He did, however, say tha
  8. Got a huge zit! Plus, my skin is reeeeally oily again. I thought this was meant to be the end? Boohoo... BC xxx
  9. Yeah it's been a while! I moved office and stuff, so have been very busy. There has been some change with my skin and my Roaccutane situation. I started to feel really low and as I couldn't get in to see a derm, I had to make a decision myself. I had been clear for some time and the appointment I should have had would have been my last one - I only had to carry on because I couldn't get to see a derm - so, I made the decision to cut down my dose. I started by going down to about 20mg per day,
  10. Thanks Miss T and Corrine. Vous etes tres gentilles. I found out that the reason I can't get an appointment isn't because they have too many patients, it's because the consultant is going on a 2 week holiday! Surely they could have figured something out before he went away so that we weren't all left in the lurch?! So frustrating. Anyway, I don't really have any pimples, so that's something to be glad about! I am getting the odd blocked pore, but they never seem to flare up into a zit. So, I sh
  11. DAY 140 I am so pissed off right now! The hospital messed up my appoitment; I am supposed to get a "forced appointment" within 4 weeks of the last one, forced meaning that it has to happen, no matter what, but the hospital gave me an appointment 2 months away. So, I called them up and told them the mistake and they said they would get back to me. I told them that I would have run out of meds in 2 months and that I was supposed to be having my next appointment to assess whether or not I can fini
  12. Yeah wedding planning is going good! We know when and where we are getting married, which is a great start! Probably going to get a dress made, for more individuality! I just discovered that my next appointment at the derm has been made for 2 months away! Trying to get it sorted at the moment, but I am very annoyed. I will have run out of meds by then.
  13. Corrine - you can grow veggies in pots! They would have to be kind of big, but I am growing potatoes in a big container and some rhubarb. You can grown any veggies in pots, so long as they have enogh room to grow. Give it a try! Kim - Yeah, things are going pretty good. No actives, red marks continue to fade. According to my derm, I could be off tane after my next appointment, which is in about a week. Fingers crossed!
  14. DAY 139 Thanks again everyone, you're all fantastic and I am so grateful that you take the time to post in my log Had a fab easter break; didn't go to Newquay in the end, I stayed home and dug myself a vegetable patch instead! I spent a lot of time in the sun and my skin seems to have suffered for it, even though I wore sun block. My arms are incredibly itchy and red and sore and my eyes feel very irritated all the time. I am really looking forward to getting off tane now. xxx
  15. OK, you can all come and live with me and say thinigs like that all day every day and then I won't care that I have red marks any more! Seriosuly though, thank you all so much for your kind words. I was looking for my log on page 5, cos I assumed it would be all the way down there, but no, I got comments! Haha...and the one about hot eyeballs made me giggle. Can one have hot eyeballs? What a strange concept! Hehe... Anyway, same old same old. Going to Newquay tonight for Easter weekend (the sea
  16. Hi Corrine, I went up to 60mg after 2 months and am still on 60mg, but I am quite a big gal - 5'10" and 70kg (155lb), so it had to go up really. Your progress may be slower, but hopefully your side effects will be less and you will have less of the red marks everyone hates so much! Ancesux - yeah it is much nicer to have smooth skin, even if it doesn't look much better Keep the faith everyone!
  17. I had moderate acne as a teenager, then it improved when I was 19 and was mild enough to deal with. Then it suddenly exploded back when I was 23 and got worse and worse. I am just nearing the end of a course of Roaccutane and don't have a single active zit, though I do have a lot of red marks left behind that I am hoping will fade soon! I'm 25 now.
  18. Awwww thanks guys! you're very sweet. I am hoping that once I am off the tane I can go get a very very slight tan, just to bring some healthy glow back to my skin and help the red marks look less prominent. How are you guys getting on?? xxx
  19. DAY 118 Hi all! Wow I have been so crap at keeping this up to date recently. I guess because of the lack of change - it's just "waiting for red marks to fade" all the time now. I did go to the derm last friday though, so I will tell you about that! The derm was really pleased with my progress and said that I really don't have much scarring, which is great news, because I was so sure I was badly scarred. She said it's mainly just redness, which will fade with time. There's nothing I can really
  20. Hi there, I guess everyone is too embarrassed to answer this post! I do remember someone else posting about this at some point. Maybe do a search? I think you need to establlish where the bleeding is coming from. Because your body has lost a lot of its natural lubrication with tane, you may have a little tear or something around the outside, where the skin has got dry and then been stretched. If this has happened, it will be very uncomfortable, but should heal up with time. Maybe get a bit of
  21. Thanks Corrine. If you think mine is long, you should take a look at Miss Tennessee! DAY 110 I GOT NEW ZITS!!! Wtf???? Why am I getting new zits? Ok, so it is the "time of the month" but still, there is absolutely NO oil in my entire body, so how did it get there?! I don't understand I have one quite big one on my cheek and 2 on my neck, just below my jaw. I guess the fact that I noticed it at all is kind of cool, as it means most of the time, I am 100% clear at the moment. But I am starting
  22. hey there, I used to have OCD for face picking, but I manage to control it these days. I still touch my face constantly though. So bad! Cocoa butter is a great moisturiser, but it is comedogenic, which means it blocks pores and worsens acne. Look for a non comedogenic moisturiser. It will say on the packaging somewhere if it is. Good luck! BettyCherry xxx
  23. Hmm, I wish I could do that. I have this weird skin that just does not tan at all. It will burn, then peel and I am white again underneath haha. I used to get spray tans, but I'm worried they are comedogenic. Anyone know anything about this?
  24. hey I got that rash on my hands - it's happened to a lot of people on here. Mine went away with a really good moisturiser, some people needed steroid cream, but it's just drying out. You can see a pic of it here : http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...pic=76545&st=60 I'm sure your der will sort it out for you anyway