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  1. Stopping B5 for 4 days won't hurt. I've been taking B5 for 2 years and I have days or even a week that I run out or forget. around the 8th day my face gets oily again and a bump or two will start. I've tried going 3 wks without it and then it all comes back. So there is a period that your skin needs to go back to its original condition. Its not going to burst into a breakout within 4 days. As for lowering your dose, I am now only taking 4 grams a day while using Dan's regime. I was sick
  2. its called Pantothenic Acid at a vitamin store. How bad is ur skin? mine was pretty bad and taking 10grams a day cleared me. but i don't like taking that many pills. so 5grams and dans regime works good. if u are oily it will dry u up too.
  3. i've said this before, about bp making my face white and pastie looking. doesn't anyone here have this happen? my neck and bod are a nice warm tan, but my face, because of the bp, has a pinkish white look. looks like its been stripped of color and is a tone thats not mine. i'm wondering if i could go without bp in the day and only pile it on at night. i take b5 too. anyone got suggestions?
  4. I take b5 in combination with Dans. I did b5 long before dans, but I wanted something topical so I could ease off taking 10 grams a day of b5. So doing dans and only 5 grams of b5 works great for me.
  5. I think this is a great question. Its the basis of a scientific study to ask when something began. It could help us figure if its preservative or pollution related and a million other observations. Good topic to go and research.
  6. You are way cool to be concerned for her. I have little bros & sis and that flawless skin makes me sad, like you, cuz i fear whats in store. The innocence of childhood. Hopefully by then there will be a cure.
  7. this idea came from the acne-cure book and its fairly stupid. I can't figure why a derm, someone with a phd wouldn't know that warmth opens pores and cold closes them. Just like the ice cubes this bk recommends. Wy would you do that? Warmth, heat, like the scalding hot water someone mentioned... opens ur pores allowing lotions to penetrate into them better. Putting cold stuff on your skin is only going to prevent it from getting absorbed. If anything, we should be warming our BP first.
  8. I argued the regime doesn't make most of us red & flaky, except in the beginning. But ever catch a glimpse of your face in sunlight while wearing bp? Looks like you're wearing a white mask. I noticed on a friend first and thought she was undergoing chemo. Then I realized what it was and did a check of my own self. freak! So when I know I'll be outside I only put bp on the spots. Will this mask appearance go away with time or is it inevitable with a thick coat of bp on?
  9. I'd feel sorry for anyone who pointed out a blemish or a speck of tinted BP on my face. No one's business but mine. As for your question, yes it does cover. Obviously you'll still have bumps, but at least it can hide the red stuff.
  10. You do NOT want to take 10 - 20 B complex pills. I think you mean B5, Pantothenic Acid. That is the water soluble acne vite everyone raves about. Yep, do some more research.
  11. I've had spells as bad as yours. Sounds like you have very sensitive skin, like mine, allergic to glycolic and citrus especially. My advice is treat your skin like a big sore. You wouldn't scrub or apply stinging lotions to a sore. Do the wash regiman like on here, very gentle and pat dry (you probably already are). Don't moisturize at all, just wash 2 xs a day and splash with water every chance you get and let it air dry. Blob the BP on the bad areas only, not on the areas that are clear
  12. what can you stop using? Again, there ain't no CURE, just SOLUTIONS to our crappy skin. Until they can give me a pill or a laser or a lotion that I can do once and have baby bottom skin for the rest of my life, then I guess we'll have to keep using Dan's regime, or Accutane, or your derm's regime, or any of the billion other regimes out there.
  13. The acne cure is just another name for Dan's regime. People will claim ice is the key which is a bunch of bs. There are certainly regimes that work better for certain people than Dan's, but I think this guy stole Dan's idea. Notice the products are the same, so, uh, a little ice is going to make that much difference? I don't think so.
  14. Term, there ain't no SOLUTIONS out there. This isn't a CURE dude, its help for people with sucky skin and it works. For many, its our only hope after trying lasers and hundreds of dollars worth of other crap. Hey man, I know you're not out to start anything. We thank you for your 2 cents, but its not a scientific fact or even a good personal study, just an opinion. I don't see the problems. Who the hell knows what lasers are doing to us? They are less researched than BP. Perhaps they'll
  15. You need to do more research. Retin-A, Tazorac, Accutane, N-lite, etc. all give you a red and flaky face for awhile too. You will not always be red on BP, it subsides like all the other topicals (and internals) once you get use to it. Man, I've used BP off & on for most of my life and my skin is still the same color and condition it always was, minus the acne. Lasers may be the future, but for now, BP is all most of us have.