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  1. Dear shireen, i know how you feel about your scars. i really hate my scars as well. but i do not think ending your life is a good idea, especially you dunno what is life after death right? why dun you look into some solutions like subcision and dermabrasion(you are sooo lucky you can do dermacoz you r not asian) there are many people who have scars worse than yours!! and they have not give up in finding the way. i know appearance matter alot!! but there are many precious things apart from t
  2. Hi allex, thanks for your sharing! just wanna know where is your korean doctor? it would be great if you are in australia!! many thanks Strawberry Skin
  3. Thanks semolina for your reply.. i suspect the solution is not v strong too. i tried to cross other scars after exfoliating.. some of the 0.5mm had frosted and scabbed. but others have not responsed. nothing like pizzicato's anyway. (lucky pizzicato!!) and thanks pizzicato for your advise. i will wait a bit longer too. emailed the ebay gal and she said i should tried 100% solution. i found the treated scars deeper than b4.. is it normal? Thanks Strawberry Skin
  4. I have got the solution from bettercomplexion already. I used a toothpick to put the solution onto my scars however they didnt frost nor scab whatsoever!! did you buy tca peel 50%? pizzicato or i am wrong.... O. i have to see my bf's parents next month and nothing is helping my scars.. can someone help me? should i try to put the solution on my face again??! Help!! Desperate strawberry
  5. wow.. looking good. sigh. i just booked the flight to see my bf and his parents. but my face is full of scars.. pizzicato.. hope my TCA experiment will be as good as yours. I am freaking out now
  6. pizzicato.. are you using the same solution from the last time you CROSS? apparently the strength will fade over time Good luck .. and your are looking better not much redness..
  7. wuuu.. beautiful skin. i wish my skin looks like this. i am going to try on TCA CROSS v. soon (when i recieved my TCA 50% solution) any tips for this beginner?? thanks for showing your lovely pic Strawberry SKin
  8. pizzicato: i bought from here already http://cgi.ebay.com.au/50-TCA-Cosmetic-Che...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Thanks pizzicato.. they do not have 50% on sell currently. just 100%.. anyway. i will do my research and then will get back to you on my TCA CROSS experience update: Hi pizzicato! is it this one:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/50-TCA-Cosmetic-Chemical-Skin-AHA-Peel-Healing-Serums_W0QQitemZ5655158951QQcategoryZ21022QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem but this is a peel not a cross..
  10. hello pizzicato, are you asian? Your scar is not even red after TCA Cross. Congratulation on the result! I think I want to try 50% TCA Cross now i see your pic.. do you mind to tell me where did you get your solution from ?? Thanks !! and good luck with the 2nd attempt!! Strawberry Skin
  11. Thanks sooo much Sapphire!! Your pictures is a good insight to excision.. actually your skin is pretty good apart from that single scar.. have you ever consider tca cross?? I have tried spot C2O laser on my scars and the result is minimal. After looking at the photos. i am rethinking whether i should excise my scars, as they are quite small and i don't want to make them more prominent.... dont want to look uglier than i already am! Thanks again Strawberrry Skin
  12. Do you mind to email your pic to me please is [email protected] i have an appointment next month regarding this. much appreciated!! Strawberry Skin
  13. holelyface : when are you planning to excise your scars? I am thinking to do that as well.... actually i have already booked the derm. dunno whether i will freak out in the last minute
  14. I agreed with Sassy_Svengali !! after the red marks faded.. the scars look a little less prominent .. but they are still there