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  1. Hi Sword -- It does seem strange that the laser companies would not have yet picked up on a smoking/non-ablative laser connection, given that it still remains a relatively popular behavior. Dr. McDaniel's opinion, though, made sense to me in that the docs always tell you to quit smoking before & after surgery, especially facial plastic surgery procedures. Smoking messes up the healing process, so that would seem to apply to non-ablative treatments as well given that such stimulate collagen
  2. Hi: A couple or so yrs ago I had what was supposed to be a non-ablative treatment w/the Versapulse laser to improve depressed acne scars. I blistered big time & after a few wks it became apparent that my scars were made a bit deeper. This treatment was supposed to work just like Smoothbeam. About a yr later I saw Dr. McDaniel in Va Beach. He's very up on the laser scene & was big into Cool Touch. He told me that they were seeing a worsening of some smokers' skin when Cool Touch treatme
  3. Thanks much for your responses! I've tried the stretch test & I would be thrilled if Smoothbeam gave me that much improvement. Stretching them doesn't make them go away 100% but it at least makes them such that you probably wouldn't be able to notice them too much from 10 or so ft away. Again, thanks!
  4. Hi: Would really appreciate some opinions from people who've Smoothbeam done. Do you think it would help w/these kind of scars? This picture isn't the best. I sharpened it a bunch in Photoshop to try and highlight the depressed scars, but that made the rest of my skin look all the worse (like it's flaky, but it's not). In some lighting, the depressed scars look deeper to me than they do in this pic. The scars do disappear for the most part when they are stretched. Am posting 2 of the same pic
  5. Hi: Just noticed that only one person recommended Smoothbeam for the type of scars depicted by Scarred4Life. Is Smoothbeam not that great for those type of milder scars? Thanks for any info!
  6. Hey Maya & Poreman: Thanks much for the info!! on the burn . . . I know glycolic can be buffered in different ways to make its ph diff. Maybe the stuff I have is made to be mild. In any case, good luck to all w/this. Sounds like a great thing! I'll post results if I can get up the nerve to do it. Tina
  7. Hi: I've only had a chance to listen to half of this, so I don't know if it specifcally mentions TCA Cross for scars. It's a presentation by Dr. Monheit on TCA peels. Sounds like he knows his stuff. And he's published a bunch of articles about peeling. Here's the link to the slide show & audio: http://www.lasernews.net/lasernews/laserne...8A?OpenDocument Maya -- I read through this read, but didn't see this (may have missed it). Have you posted step by step how you did the TCA Cross
  8. Hey Denise & the rest! That's a good idea, Denise. I'll definitely post on Voy. Don't want anyone else to have to go through that & also it'll be some more incentive for some to quit. Quitting was one of the hardest things I've done. The more incentive the better. Best of luck to Maya & Tracey with their quit. Stick w/it. It definitely can be done. Also thanks to all of you for turning me onto the Pure Demming stuff. I LOVE the smell! And it definitely makes my skin softer. H
  9. Thought I'd throw my experience in here. A few yrs ago I had a derm use Versapulse on my depressed scars. Was supposed to nonablatively stimulate collagen like Smoothbeam, Cool Touch, etc. It backfired on me. I got major blisters & afterward my scars appeared somewhat worse. The derm didn't understand what happened & just said he must've been too aggressive. That could have been the case, but later I saw a derm named Dr. McDaniel in Virginia Beach. He's supposed to be great w/Cool
  10. Hi Myra: I'm the woman from Tallahassee who spoke to you about Smoothbeam treatments for a friend of mine & I on Sunday. Just wanted to say hi & thanks much for taking so much time to answer of my questions. My friend & I plan on beginning the treatments, but will likely not be able to do so until October. Will be in touch. Again, thanks! Tina
  11. Hi Ylem: There is a place closer to Tallahassee (just over 60 miles away) for Smoothbeam in Moultrie, GA. I talked to the nurse/Smoothbeam operator this wkd & she seems nice. Sounds like she's relatively new to the Smoothbeam, but has been laser hair removal for a few yrs. Am thinking about seeing her if I decide to do Smoothbeam instead of needling. Here's the website: www.barenecessitieslaser.com. Good luck & please let us know if you get the treatments. Tina