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  1. Hi Having had a course in the past proper, i am in need of a top up dose. Am going to go with a 40kg 30days. Its worked well once before as a kind of maintenance top up. Skin is presently not that bad, but enough to bother me.
  2. I have been using peels, both glycolic and tca, for a while now for scaring and red marks. I also however have under eye dark circles and have read somewhere before of peels being used for these. Personally it doesn’t really make a huge amount of sense because surely the skin is being thinned further, and so I would assume that they would get worse if anything at all. Does anyone have any experience or insight into this?
  3. Although it is somewhat common to be able to read lists of symptoms and convince yourself of illness, similar to the whole med-school-student-disorder where the poor dears manage to convince themselves that they coincidentally have everything they are studying. I have however just literally read about a mental disorder, which has almost stunned me in its relevance to myself. Its called Borderline Personality Disorder. Does anyone know anything about this? Also…how does one go about investi
  4. I love this stuff. I first started using it years ago at festivals in the morning to clear my hung-overness. Ever since I always get a shot of one whenever I get the chance, have actually looked at getting my own kit to because it can get expensive. I have no real idea why, and its to pronounced to be placebo, but you get a very genuine boost from it in terms of energy and mental clarity.
  5. Ok. So i feel pretty rubbish today, very drained and have a stinking headache. Am consuming large amounts of water and that seems to be helping. My skin has the same little tiny break outs on my cheek and right in the centre of my forehead (i hate these ones the most, its like some acne ordainment). The tone of my skin is worse, like i have had a really heavy night or something. WARNING; GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION..... .......there were some white fleks in my bowel movement, they looke
  6. HumaWorm has some of the best reviews out of all the parasite cleansers, and is relatively cheap. They have their own message board section on curezone.com and it all seems like positive,informative feedback and advice. I am also taking their colon cleanser at the same time, nothing special about this one really other than the fact that it is the normal mixture of stuff, however it is in capsule form so its much easier to swallow then mixing a powder with juice (bit lame that should be an issu
  7. I am interested in doing both a anti-parasite cleanse and a candida cleanse, and was wondering if anyone knew or had any thoughts as to whether the anti-parasite herbs would also kill the candida. I have read replies about how if you were to take pro-biotics with a/p/ herbs it would kill these biotics, so why not the ones I dont want at all to!? I am mainly interested in this because I feel that it will be very difficult for me to follow the anti-candida diet (I know I know, but hey i am being
  8. I agree that organic food does taste better. Its great that its an option for people to choose, however it is a privilidge to be able to choose it in that it is more expensive and chemical pesticides are necessary to produce food in the qauntities needed supply whole populations. The best thing I find about organic food shopping, is when you get it from a company that supply organic seasonal box's of stuff. Ive come across and cooked things from there I would never have looked twice at in th
  9. So I am trying to eat a healthy diet, however I am a pretty rubbish cook. This means that I steam lots of veggies and make smoothies etc, but it all gets a bit boring. Would like any suggestions really. Look, even I know one so ill start: mashed sweet potato and swede equal amounts of sweet potato and swede rice or almond milk black pepper and nutmeg to taste 1. Chop sweet potatoes and swede into smallish cubes and steam. 2 . Mash potatoes and cauliflower with the rice or almond milk, nutmeg
  10. Anyone used this? Any noticible benefit to over-all health and wellbeing?
  11. I was a smoker from the age of 15 to 21, and cant say I ever noticed a link between it and my acne. It does effect the clarity of your skin, so it can make things worse as a whole though. And also smoking does cause the collagen in the skin to breakdown (there was some study, that I cant find that, which sourced this to a enzyme inhibition), so if you were then to get over your acne, you could have rubbish skin to deal with further down the line as a result. Quitting smoking isnt that hard reall
  12. Acidjazz, what were your meds which you switched. I have been on valium alot, and there is no way I am taking it long term. I really dont want to be dependent on any medication to be honest.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I have seen post-party supplements which contain 5htp. Interesting to know the effect it had on your long term well being, I have read that it can deplete other things, which is why some of the supplements have added B Vits and magnesium etc. The fish oils I already take, however I know I need to get some more cardio in. I would love to try some acupuncture, I have a TMJ problem as well which I think it would really help. However I just cannot afford it presently.