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  1. I only use it as a spot treatment, the one time I used it as a general mask it made me break out horribly (from pulling everything up). I'm sure I would have broken out eventually there since it was drawing it to the surface, but it wasn't nice to see the area where I applied it have monster pimples the next day.
  2. Ugh, I hate stuff like that! I have friends that have mildish acne and when they see someone with severe acne they always turn to me and make a comment about how they need some clearasil or something. So.freaking.annoying. I've tried to explain how it's not always that simple and that it can't be helped. These same people have horrible hygiene when you really look at it, and it bothers me soooo bad. They'll be eating greasy pizza or something and half way through just start rubbing the side of t
  3. I've tanned in the past, but I don't really remember the effect it had on my acne because I wasn't tanning in the hopes of clearing up and it was pretty moderate back then where as now it's mostly mild. However, back in high school there were several guys I knew that tanned to help keep their skin clear.
  4. I used it back in the day, I don't really think it helped that much, and like SmashingPumpkins said, it smells horrible.
  5. It doesn't really look bad, definitely like it'll just take time for the red marks to fade away. I would recommend getting a microdermabrasion if possible, they really help!
  6. Not sure which type of laser treatment you got, but whenever I was getting them I would say that by the next day my redness had pretty much subsided.
  7. You should look into getting a microdermabrasion. They've worked wonders on my red marks!
  8. I would definitely say that exercising (along with eating semi-healthy) is good for helping clear up your skin.
  9. I personally love Green Cream, I'd reccomend it. Great for fading red marks and speeding up the healing process of pimples.
  10. I'm really satisfied with the dip method. I've been doing it for a month-ish, not quite sure, probably a little longer. I'm not 100% clear, but I'm definitely not breaking out like I use to and my skin overall looks as good as it has in a longgggggg time. I do still use some topicals, I occasionally will spot treat with SA and I use Green Cream to help get rid of old red marks and those from the occasional pimple that will pop up.
  11. I've always been warned against St. Ives Apricot Scrub because it supposedly cuts your skin whenever you scrub with it. I used it a long time ago and never got any results (before I was told about the cutting, obviously). I'd go for something with microbeads.
  12. Definitely go for it. Seriously, acne is NOT as much of a turn off as a lot of people think it is, it just ends up messing with peoples self-confidence, and confidence (but not being cocky) is the sexiest thing.
  13. I've been doing the dip for about 3 weeks, and I've had my ups and downs with it so I can't say whether it works or not. For about 5 days of the 3 weeks I was using the CSR cleanser with it and that helped what I hoped was the purging, so I went back to just dipping and broke out some more, but for the past few days I've just been dipping and spot treating with SA during the day and using green cream at night and my overall complexion hasn't looked this good in a while. I'm definitely going to s
  14. I hate not being able to control it! I always say to myself that I would take 20lbs (or whatever) over so & so pimples because I would know how to get rid of the extra pounds. You just have to surround yourself with good people who don't care. With most of my y immediate family and good friends I'm completely comfortable and always make an extra effort to be around them whenever I'm feeling down.