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  1. In my experience with this antibiotic Enrythromicin i broke out with Cystic Acne more than i ever have before. I had a minor breakout of whiteheads last week, so i go to the derm and prescribes Enrythromicin Topical Liquid and Retin A Micro, ive been on retin a before and it did wonders for me, but this time i broke out with cystic acne like crazy. at first i thought it must be the "initial" phase with retin a, but then i realized it was the Enrythromicin that caused all these cysts on my face.
  2. OK i found this very interesting. My situation is pretty simple, i have very minor acne throughout the year. I use a sensitive wash, once in a while retin a, eat whatever i want, and i basically have NO breakouts. but during the months of February/March, something strange happens. I break out, and it never fails, every late february to early march, i break out, severely, like one new cyst every few days for almost 2 weeks. does anyone else experiences cyclical break outs? by mid march, the
  3. technically you all are right about my case, im not "cured" of acne, but i wake up every day without anything on my face, so that is "cured" enough for me. again, you all are implying that it is possible for EVERYBODY to achieve an IDEAL weight according to their body structure/height? hahahaha keep dreaming. a huge fallacy in that argument is you all fail to acknowledge facts like fat glands/cells and metabolism and stomach size and intake, fat enzymes, etc. and you continue to use this WEAK
  4. It means they are far more likely to become obese? Exactly, just like how i bet your oily skin that is prone to bacteria and inflamation is "far more likely" to become full of acne? and again i would rather have a normal body weight where i could participate in all physical activities with no problem and fit into some nice jeans and shirt with bad acne than be obese and have virtually no participation in physical activity, acne is a mental problem, obesity is mental and physical problem. im stu
  5. i was completely clear until the 12th grade. i was going through family and relationship problems, and fear of not getting accepted into the UC system. Acne hit, i had random minor breakouts, but all these minor breakout added up. at one point i couldn't make eye contact with someone for more than 2 seconds, i was that ashamed. within 2 months i said something needs to change, and i tried several over the counter products, went to a derm, found retin a and tetrycycline and i havent broken out
  6. as far as being "cured" from acne.......it depends on how you take the meaning of "cure". the way i look at it, i never have acne anymore, not one single zit, mark, scar, on my face, and as far as im concerned, thats good enough for me, true if i stop taking my antibiotics and retin a once a day, i will probably break out, the potential to have acne is still there, and yes i am "supressing" it, but as long as i wake up everyday and look in the mirror and see a clear face, in my perspective im "
  7. lets go waaaay back to the original topic at hand...... i said being overweight is not curable for some, you all seem to think being overweight is curable for ALL. and you ALL are wrong about that..... and yes i would rather have SEVERE acne than be SEVERELY overweight, put your thoughts and acne aside and imagine what life is like overweight, seriously think about that how being overweight doesn't just hurt your esteem mentally like acne does, think about how it hinders your physical abilit
  8. but theres always alternatives, there are several jobs out there where you don't have eye to eye contact with customers. try filing, detail at a auto shop, answering and directing phone calls, there are a bunch of jobs out there where you can feel comfortable with your acne.
  9. are you kidding me? personlly i'd take acne over being overweight anyday. acne is all over the place too, its common to see someone with bad acne, maybe not as common as fat people but still, i'd rather of acne than be 100 pounds overweight.
  10. this entire post is based on the fact that you all think overweight people have a choice of being overweight or not and people suffering from acne do not. this is completely FALSE, i have NOTHING against those w/ acne and i understand certain situations where acne is not curable, but for those of you to say people with weight problems are fat because of their own poor diet and excercise is very offending especially coming from people with acne, a disease where the ignorant population believes is
  11. actually some overweight people are overweight due to lack of good diet and physical activity, these people can be "cured" if they make a "change" in their diet and physical activity. however other overweight people are overweight due to fat glands and cells, metabolism, stomach capacity and intake, and this is a totally different story and is very hard and sometimes not 'curable.' acne, for some, can be very minor and "curable" once the patient finds the right medicine to fight and fight a
  12. if you read my post carefully i state that acne can be curable for some and not curable for others.....i then say that obesity is also curable for some, and not curable for others.
  13. what am i doing here? just cause i dont have acne now, i did before, and i know what it feels like, i am also still using retin a, and although i never break out or have a pimple, i need to use retin a to contain it, if i stoped with it for a week i'd probably have a pimple or two. soooo yes im cured but im still using medications. and me losing an argument? haha you guys never acknowledged or challenged the fact that some overweight people can fight their problem but others can't just like h
  14. ya when i broke out last year it was during a tough time, i was struggling with admissions to college, me and my dad weren't getting along, my girlfreinds friends were talking about my acne and my girlfriend acted like it didn't matter even though i knew it was bothering her, my life felt like HELL, and i too screamed FUCK several times, i know what you are going through. i guess what i did was find something that i love, which is music, and stick with it. at that time, it felt like music was t
  15. so your arguments are basically being overweight is curable and having acne is not? well i am living proof that acne is curable. i never had severe acne, more like minor acne, but i used over the counter stuff that didn't cure me, but only helped, then i moved on to retin, which has cured me completely. for some like me, it just takes finding the right medication to fight your case of acne, but i also understand that for some, acne is incurable, but for others it is. i know some of you figh