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  1. Yes, ACV is remarkable. My current regimen experiment is simple: - 60-100 second soak in hot water - 50-50 ACV/Water to entire face thoroughly - Tea tree oil for potential pimples So far it has no less than killed my oil production. So far I have only had two pathetic attempts at pimples on my chin, both of which were easily handled. Better performance to date than CSR and everything else I have tried. Seems like a topical Accutane, at least in my regard. I am also experimenting with my body
  2. While that is true on paper, I have had no such troubles. It is all in how you go about it. If you just wash your face with hot water with all this 'build up' and dirt about and leave it at that, yes, it is probably not a good idea. However, the open-pores-for-topicals theory holds up (in my case) due to the fact I, directly afterwards, apply non-comedogenic, bacteria-killing agents such as, right now, apple cider vinegar. I also pat dry with as clean a towel as is possible, and make sure my han
  3. I am off the exclusive dip regimen, and it would be my stance that it does not work for everyone by itself. However, I will continue to dip before my other treatments, as I know for sure that it actually does force things to the surface and out of your skin. Some of my most stubborn comedones came out pretty swiftly with hot water, so I am still pleased in that regard. It just does not stop acne conditions alone. If your skin can handle it, I would recommend this as a preliminary step before ot
  4. Even when I am clear everywhere else, the below-the-lip area seems to produce stalwart little suckers. I usually just wait until they get to whitehead stage, then carefully needle and drain, then do a 100 second soak in hot water and cover it. I used to cover with BP, but now I am experimenting with tea tree oil. In fact, I had one of them this morning, and tea treeing it made it swiftly give up the ghost.
  5. Quite a while, enough to go through about nine tubes of Dan's stuff, and about ten On-the-Spots before that. Actually I would say about a year, so I had been on it long enough to max out on effectiveness, I would hope. Like I said, it worked out nicely, but the flaking never subsided. It was never painful for anything, my skin was tough enough to handle 100% from day one, but by the very nature of BP itself I would get the annoying peeling from that layer of skin being taken off every morning.
  6. I have moderate acne that I have gotten within relative control. My actual acne is hidden in a whole lot of red marks and what I think are very shallow scars (the red marks, primarily, are the most distracting. My skin leaves red marks after healing that last forever and are pretty pronounced). I originally started on the CSR, which ended up working better than anything I had tried, although I still came up with a few pimples pretty regularly, some pretty bad. The problem I had with the CSR is
  7. I do not know if it is right to be so hasty with generalisations. I started this 'dip' regimen back in late September, and have had success on at least the same level as Benzoyl, so after a month and a half, I can say it 'works' for me. Maybe the disaster is right on the brink, but I do not think my face is going to explode any time soon. However, I have noticed a very gradual worsening of my acne, but it has been a worsening of a sort that I have never had before. It is my belief that this is
  8. Yes, use a big bowl, I have been doing that from the start, though if the water is hot enough it probably does not matter. Hot water has a habit of killing just about anything microbial, but there may be oils and such on the surface of the sink, and it is just a little gross. As a side note, it is my third day of soaking and my skin is better than ever before. I just had a bothersome comedone work its way out last night so I could remove it with an extremely light squeeze. No blood, no anything
  9. I have been on Dan's regimen with his gel and cleanser for about nine months, and I am wholly thankful, as it got me clearer than I had ever been, and it really is the king of the topically medicated systems... However, I see great promise in this hot water regimen. I have only been trying it for two days now, but my skin has already begun to show signs of rejuvenation, and I have not had a single new mark on my face. Moreover, it feels magnificent, as opposed to the flaky, itchy, burning, ove