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  1. Have any of you heard of a laser called the Titan? It works kind of simulair to the Thermage but ofcourse they say its better and safer etc. Its new and I was thinking about having it done for scared pores. So I´m very glad I read this post first. Because I have had fat loss problems in my face due to acne. So I think I m very sensetive for it. They say it does not injure fat, but I would really like to know what you people think about it! Here is what I read: "Research and clinical trials s
  2. They are two different types of acids that work entirely differently. I don't fully understand your question, though.
  3. I know this has little to do with the topic but I really like to know if glycolic acid is very different then TCA complex? I read glycolic is good for big pores I have TCA and its doing nothing for my pores. Would it still be possible for glycolic to work?
  4. I heard that about 50% of the fat that is tranfert dissapears within the first few weeks, the other 50% is permanenant.
  5. What about burn victoms who have burned there face and don't even have ears and a nose anymore and still don't kill there selfs! Your scars can't be worse then that so there must be other issues. Try to fix those first, they must be easier to fix then the scar problem.
  6. I also have this problem and I have TCA which doesn't help. But isn't TCA simular to Glycolic acid ? If not maybe I'll try it out. And what about 20 % Salicylic acid wouldn't that even work beter?
  7. You wash the acid off Robert or leave it on? Here is also one with 18% salicylic acid. perfect complexion I wonder which is beter.
  8. For supplements I would say vit. C. Thats what they advised me to take after CO2 cause it makes you body heal itself faster/better.
  9. But what about bha's I have a cream to prevent acne with 1% salicylic acid in it and I use it 24/7. Is this just as bad?
  10. That guy should go to a psychiatrist instead of a plastic surgeon if you ask me. People like that are so sick!! If you have a very ugly nose or big ears ok, but just to look like somebody else should be illegal I think, to protect people from there ow stupidity. Just my opinion.
  11. http://www.acne.org/scars/index.html
  12. Can't you just drink 1/2 CupOlive Oil Extra Virgin with 1 Big grapefruit before you go to bed, without the epson salt? And without any of the other things? And do this a couple of days. Or wouldn't that do anything? I can hardly believe I have those stones cause I live very healthy, never drink coffee almost no alcohol and I have always been slim + I'm still young. I just want to make sure all the accutane is out of my body.
  13. With complex or crossmethod? I have tiny scars spread over my forehead. I haven't started yet but I thought the complex would be perfect for it cause they are very shallow. It sounds so logic to me that if you peel layers of skin of very slowly your shallow scars will automaticaly improve especially on a hard area like a forehead, but I guess it isn't as easy as it sounds after all.
  14. Holy shit! This one is really really scary! http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archive...ves/000351.html
  15. Whats the difference between these Micro Crystals and just an ordinary scrub gel?