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  1. Hi Yake,

    I was just going through some diacneal posts, I ordered some on ebay and am anxiously awating it. There's a seller on ebay right now selling the 8% Neostrata Glycolic cream w/spf 15. It's $12.00 or best offer. Just thought I'd let you know!

    1. I'm using Differin Gel for 7-8 weeks now, regularly with moisturizer (either sunscreen, a gentle dryness moisturizer or one with salicylic+glycolic acid in it). I've been using Differin Gel twice a day for about 4 weeks, with the moisturizers on top regularly, and I'm having really good results. I wouldn't worry about it. Differin basically makes your skin a bit weak as in dizy so lot's of stuff that keeps hanging in your pores for too long let's go much earlier. And if it's lose, weak/dizy, it
    2. I was wondering why your derm told you to use Retin-A micro at day. As far as I know Retin-A (including Micro) get's really unstable in sunlight.
    3. If the BP is not working for you, maybe Dan is not the one to refer your questions to all the time, because BP works miraclously for him. So then you should maybe look for people with different skin which might be more similar to yours? People that also didn't have any succes with BP (in your case your skin likely has changed being the reason BP doesn't work for you (anymore)). Why don't you start of at this forum? You will find a lot of answers here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.
    4. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion I am convinced acne and BP doesn't work like this. I'm suprised how many people keep thinking it's the oil on the toplayers of the face that get your pores clogged. Bacteries, I can imagine, you want to clean your face twice a day to not make the population of bacteria huge, but even that is far away from the real cause. It's the pores deep down inside that get clogged by trapped skin, afterwards, it's the sebumproduction deep down in your sk
    5. So you're on the CSR already, using the Rosula cleanser and Dan's BP gel and likely a moisturizer? If so, Dan's BP gel proably is by far the most effective stuff you're using to keep your acne at bay. Cleansers in general don't do that much compared to topicals you wear for 23:50 hours a day. So if you are on the Clear Skin Regimen already my recommendation would be to buy just one bottle of Dan's cleanser and start using it very slowly, and slowly ramp up the frequency of use. I'd take it ve
    6. I wouldn't wrap them up in clothes since that will look only suspicious. They will see the tubes anyway..... Just spread them around trying to not make it look like it's so much. But you can also always go to a pharmacy where you get your medications and stuff and ask if they can dilute a 5% or 10% tube to 2,5% BP. It shouldn't be a big deal for any pharmacy, it just means diluting with mainly carbomere gel. I prefer basic soapless ph +/-5 washbar cleansers so that shouldn't be a big deal if
    7. 10 tubes is a bit much. You might want to atleast spread the tubes around so it doesn't look like you are actually smuggling stuff in, a 10-pack looks suspicious. But if you take some in your handluggage. Put some in your toiletcase and some others between your clothes, it should be fine. I don't think they will mind.
    8. Voor de mensen die 2,5% BP makkelijk willen verkrijgen: Ga naar de apotheek en vraag of ze een 10% of 5% tube kunnen verdunnen tot 2,5% BP, de hoeveelheid is dan simpelweg 4 of 2 keer zoveel. Dit doen ze bij mijn apotheek met carbomeergel wat wel aardig werkt. Ik ben echter meer te spreken over de echte huidige CSR BP gel, deze irriteert gewoon minder en droogt ook net wat rapper. Ik heb vorige keer 3 tubes in een keer besteld en dit ging goed, hier moest ik 10-12 dagen op wachten. De verzendk
    9. You should really discuss this with your own derm. I don't understand why you didn't tell him the whole story and how you experience every single product. At first, it wouldn't matter much to use Taz instead of RAM since they should eventually do the same stuff, although Taz is much stronger. And yes, there is a difference between them although they belong to the same retinoid family (Tazorac was first developed for psoriasis and it works differently than Tretinoin). But it really depends o
    10. yake

      * Rae's Log *

      First of all; I was only suggesting. I never said I knew your body and skin better than you. Second of all; In your first posts I didn't read anything about you having tried retinoids or the CSR before. 3rd: I didn't even suggest the CSR, only the gel itsself which is really good and mild (it has changed over time). 4th: I didn't suggest you to discontinue this new regimen. If you want to stick with this because it works, still after 2-3 months, obviously, you shouldn't stop. 5th: The reason
    11. Duac = BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) + Clyndamycin (the topical antibiotic) That's why I'm talking about BP in combination with Tazorac in every post plus using topical antibiotics in combination with BP.... This should clear up why I'm talking about the combination of BP and Taz all the time, the guy is actually using it. http://www.duacgel.com/about/aboutduac.html
    12. There is no reason for being paranoids since this regimen won't suddenly stop working. Actually, the more and more you're cleared up the easier it is to maintain an unclogged skin when using retinoids because they can work at their best then (they pretty much change your skin structure and prevent the clogging of pores, not necessarily kill new clogs which can lie in your skin for weeks and weeks before you see them). Also, when your face is clear your skin is also much calmer because acne is a
    13. I came across this article on PC's as well as British Journal of Dermatology multiple times. Although the latter should be a really thrustworthy site I don't think they were actually sure about the Tazorac. A lot of sources claim Tazorac shouldn't be used in combination with BP but that's mainly because it's so similar to Retin-A which is indeed unstable in the presence of BP. On top of that Tazorac + BP can be very irritating for your skin so noone dares to recommend it. Also note that this art