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  1. it says all the patients had discoloured or raised scars. Most people who have acne scars have indented scars. Maybe it would help people with red scars but i wouldn`t take an anti seizure medicine for something taht will heal on is own anyway
  2. accutane caused my scars and overal poor healing of my skin. I have jawline acne which is now in remission but that is nothing to do with my course of accutane.
  3. its strange, my mood has completely changed. I was pretty much depressed all the time due to my skin. I really hope this is the end of my war with acne. even my pores look smaller and skin is tighter....im so excited. I`ve also just realised that my acne started initially when i started doing weight training and drinking that whey protein shake 4 times a day. I mixed this stuff with MILK!!! oh my god why didn`t i realise earlier.
  4. I did a chemical peel about 2 months ago to try and control my acne which made my skin worse. I then went to the doctor at the beginning of December and was prescribed Isotrex Gel. This really didn`t make any difference. I apply it in the evenings after a face wash. I then read about this no dairy diet about 6 or 7 days ago. Bare in mind that I have been breaking out more or less constantly for the past 2 months. In the last few days, my skins oil production seems to have completely stoppe
  5. healing wont necessarily return to normal. I have had poor healing for 3 years and counting.
  6. i blame internet porn for my acne. That and cheap hookers.
  7. i bought a book called how to cure acne in 24 hrs. The more you read it, the more the length of time increases. On the cover it says 24 hours, by chapter 2 your looking at weeks and by the end it gives a review of Accutane and says that it can take 6 months to work...i feel cheated. The regimen involves spending your entire life rubbing ice cubes into your face, eating nothing but fruit and living in a forest with some amazon cannibals. The best way to cure acne is to stop the blood supply t
  8. Accutane isn`t a magic bullet, it doesn`t work for everyone.. and for many people the acne returns after a few weeks or months. Plus a lot of scars in some cases. It is the devils pill. (dont quote me and start going on about how great accutane is and that i am talking shit. I am aware it works for some people but it didn`t for me.)
  9. i am doctor Nunien Sung from the Bukkake Medical college in Hawaii, those pictures were indeed from a dermatological website which i am the founder of. Please remove them immediately or face my legal wrath. You have 24 hours to remove them or i will make a citizens arrest. (this is not a joke)
  10. i thought spinach makes your muscles really big....i mean look at popeye, he`s clearly not working out all day, it must be the spinach
  11. Yes, I did. No, it did not help... well, not really. I think it decreased my oil production somewhat and maybe even the frequency of my breakouts, but it seemed to slow down the healing process of my skin. So I would get an occasional big breakout and it would take forever to go away. Overall, it was waste of money. And it's certainly not healthy. Read: http://www.askwaltstollmd.com/archives/acne/71477.html i spent alot of $$$$$ on B5 and it didn`t really help....on the plus side though
  12. maybe smoking does make it worse for some people. But maybe your case has more to do with the weather as you said you were clear over summer. I find in winter my skin gets bad....i tend to smoke when my skin looks bad....a nice vicious circle i have going