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  1. hi, everyone! i ended up changing my moisturizer, and it's happening much much less now. besides, my skin is just getting used to the regimen, anyway. thanks for your time!
  2. hey, thanks for the fast responses! sorry i wasn't more specific... i use Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Dan's BP gel, and Purpose moisturizer with SPF 15. i wait 15 minutes between each step. yeah, i figured it might be because some of the BP is left on my skin. maybe i should use less? thanks again!
  3. hi there! i just started on the regimen one week ago. i was trying Clindamycin Phosphate, but that stopped working a while ago. anyway, i started off using about a quarter of a finger of BP at night (i only need to apply to the bottom half of my face) for about 4 days, then i moved it to half of a finger, and yesterday was the first time i applied it twice--both morning and night. i took a shower this morning and then applied the half-a-finger, and when i tried to moisturize (using the Purpose l
  4. gladlymadlysadly (your screenname is fun): my doctor gave me a choice between gel and lotion, and i asked my pharmacist which one is better, and she said they pretty much work the same. i happen to like gels better than lotions; i think it's some kind of psychological thing. anyway, i'm pretty sure they have the same active ingredients. here is my exact routine, in case you're wondering... MORNING = 1. wash entire face with St. Ives oil-free Apricot Scrub (it's the first time in YEARS that i'v
  5. i just want to add that my skin looks and feels better already! i can't figure out if it was because it was already clearing up a little before i started or because i'm doing something right!
  6. thanks for the reply! i haven't started my new routine yet (because i'm kind of nervous to stop the Proactiv, even though it doesn't really work!), but i was reading the reviews for Cleocin T on this site, and a lot of people said they also use Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%. SO i went out and bought Strident Benzoyl Peroxide wipes (they are 2.5%), and i thought i'd wash, use the Cleocin T, wait for it to dry, use the Strident, wait for it to dry, and moisturize. i'll let you know how it goes! thanks aga
  7. hi, everyone! i'm 22 years old and have had mild to moderate acne since i was 14. i've tried pretty much every cleanser under the sun and have used Proactiv for the past year and a half (it helps clear breakouts faster, but it definitely does not prevent them). anyway, i went to see my doctor this morning because i am finally fed up. my 23rd birthday is next week, and i'm starting my first job out of college soon, and i DO NOT want to have acne anymore. i explained all of this to my doctor (incl