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  1. Thanks, Austin. I kind of figured it was something like that. Those phoney testimonials on the web site signaled a big red flag. Thanks for confirming.
  2. Seems good, with the Doxycycline and Erythomycin/BP being the most powerful components. But I'm not sure about the moisture lotion. Moisturizers have always made my acne worse, even the one's called non-comedogenic. But everyone is different. Perhaps your doctor gave it to you to counter-act the dryness produced by the BP. And using sunscreen is a good idea in any case. I think your doctor got you off to a good start.
  3. I hear this scar treatment center advertised a lot on the radio here in the So Cal area. If you visit the site, you'll see many testimonials. But most are from radio personalities, which seems kind of odd. And no before/after photos. My scam alarm is going off. Anybody have experience with this doctor? http://www.laserhq.c...conditions.html
  4. You said $700 per injection. Is that correct, or do you mean $700 per syringe? How many individual scars can be treated with $700? BTW, your scars are very much like mine. Thanks for your help.
  5. Well that's a disappointment. More of the same. Can't those lab boys come up with something new?
  6. From the Wall Street Journal about 2 or 3 weeks ago: Dow Chemical plans early next year to launch Acanya, a prescription acne medication that received FDA approval in October. It will be sold by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. Valeant said it expects peak sales of Acanya to be about $70 million. That's all that was said. Perhaps a search will reveal more info. Please excuse me if this has already been posted.
  7. I never did get a reply from Dr. Amy Taubs. I guess she's too busy selling her over-priced, multi-item, oily skin/acne snake oil products.
  8. What I heard most over the years: my acne was due to poor hygiene or bad diet. Not washing my face, too much chocolate, soda, french fries, burgers, pizza...the list goes on. And of course, my acne was ALL MY FAULT! Why are you doing this to yourself? Don't you care? Do you want to have acne like this? You better do something!
  9. Thanks, aspirin! I did a search and found Dr. Amy Taub's web site. Nothing about the procedure, so I sent her an email asking for more details. If she replies, I'll post it here.
  10. Might be able to get a back issue off ebay.
  11. Ok, here's an open question for everyone...is there a right way to tell someone that they need to seek treatment for acne? Can it be done without being insensitive or rude? When I was 16 I had terrible acne. I didn't even know what a dermatologist was (this was before the internet and acne message boards). My parents brought me to our family doc. All he did was give me a soap sample (worthless). It was a yr and a half until I saw a dermatologist. I wish someone had clued me in sooner.
  12. Hey Billyboy, I've been reading your posts about fraxel. You had several sessions. What was the total cost for these treatments, if you don't mind me asking? Did insurance cover any of it? Any other scar treatments you're thinking of trying? Thanks!
  13. Although other will disagree, this is MY experience (based on way too many yrs of acne): The number of times I wash my face has NO effect on the oilyness of my skin. I have extremely oily skin. I wash 5x a day - mild wash, no scrubing. If I wash less, say twice/day, my face will become a zit farm - and my skin will not be less oily. I know I can't wash away acne, but the longer I leave oil on my skin, the more zits I get. It's that simple. I have tried B5 twice in my life. Both time it did re
  14. I had a light treatment called N-lite about 3 yrs ago. It was suppose to decrease the oilyness by doing something (can't recall what) to the sebacous glands. The treatment didn't do anything for me (except make me poorer). Was that the current issue of Men's Health?