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  1. Oral is better for me. Thanks
  2. Same man. I was used to being ugly when younger and really bad acne but in the past few years Ive had a lot of girls telling me Im cute or chatting me up but still when I see girls staring at me I dont know wether its becuae they think Im ugly or cute as I still have scars physically and mentally. Anyway man, if the sitaution allows go up and talk to them.
  3. Well I'd like to cheer you up but my acne also started at 13. Im 25 and its not as bad but its still pretty damn bad. If you want confidence you have to forget that you have acne and not base your confidence on your appearance. Just live life as you would if you didnt have acne. At the end of the day its not your fault you have acne you cant really do shit about it. Well really thats the type of shit advice you hear all the time from people who have clear skin. Another one is dont worry
  4. Not been funny but if thats you in the avatar I dont see what your problem is. Unless you post a new pic and show off how disgustingly bad your face is I think you need a psycholoist not a dermatoligist. Man, I swear theres some real beautiful girls on this website and some decent looking blokes to and I know what its like to be young and have acne. From 13 my back/shoulders was a mess, horrible, 100's of cystic acne triple headed spots, bleeding, casuing pain, some over an inch long, some on
  5. Hi, I need recommendations on 2 products. 1) Night time moisturiser- to be applied beofre bed after retinA, must have effective anti-wrinkling scar healing properties (as I am trying to repair sun damage and scars) and good moisturising (As retin a really dries up my skin). 2) day time moisturise/sunscreen- must protect against sun but I have 2 problems with daytime moisturisers. they make my face all red and greasy, so something that dosent do that is essential (amybe this is an allergy?)
  6. I hear ya man. I thought my acne was bad then I went and used sunbeds and sunbathed for a year and my acne went, then once the tan went I looked in the mirror one morning and all I saw were scars and wrinkles, lines, pigmentaion marks, large pores etc...NOw the acne is back strong to. Every time I look in a mirror I feel suicidal. I sometimes punch myself in the face after looking in the mirror and smash shit up thats how much I am now disgusetd by my face. At least acne was 'curbale' the sun d
  7. IMO the problem with having bad acne is not only being unable to have a relationship but having 0% chance of getting sex as a single person, especailly if your acne causes social problems, depression etc as well as making you ugly.
  8. 'Yeh i can prolly say I would of turned out a stuck up slut if I didn't get acne like my best friend lol atleast it saved me from being a idiot in life' Yeah but if you're not aware of being an idiot (like most) whilst having a good time, getting your own way its irrelevant. I think saying that acne has given us humility and humbled us and allowed us to appreciate other peoples problems is just looking to say you have something over (or makes us better than) other people who have never had to
  9. This is gonna be a pretty hypothetical point..... (Disregarding the whole 'going to Thailand' point for a moment'). ...Many people are suggesting that us with acne should find someone who is willing to accept us for who we are and our acne flaws. This means we are basing our relationships or fininding a partner on acceptance of our limitaions in appearance. Do people who have never have acne or have 'normal' skin and appearance base there realtionships and finding partners who will accept so
  10. I'll admit this post is OTT nad a bit tongue and cheek but have you heard some of the guys whining about how sad they feel that they've been unloved or never had any sexual experiences well I think a holiday to Pattaya would be great for them. Sure anyone can buy a hooker anywhere but thats not the point, anyone who has been to Thailand will know the difference. And for other people moaning like acne_battle, are you an unloved, lonely man who I directed this post for and many of you obviuosley
  11. (If the aim of your life is to have perfect skin and get rid off your acne as best as you can please read no further) Ok for the rest of you guys, stop moaning about your acne, your ugliness, how shite your life is and stop wasting any more time and money on useless acne treatments that are getting you nowhere. Your acne may never go and every day you are getting older and uglier and wasting your youth battling against a disease you may never win,one day you will be dead! I'm sorry but this is