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  1. You're work is really beautiful Maria! Really powerful lighting,tones, composition, did you shoot most of it with film?
  2. Hi, This is my first post in a while. I'm an artist living in Denver Colorado and a long time acne sufferer. I have been toying with the idea of a series of large format starkly lit portraits of acne sufferers for a long time now, because I feel like as a group we have experienced a trauma that has gone largely unrecognized by society. I want, with your help, to make images that are larger than life and force the viewer to look int our eyes and confront the humanity of the person behind t
  3. Hey Grind, it good to see your still doing well. I have been taking 10mg a week for over a year now. Perceptible side effects are little to non-existant, but I do feel like my skin on my body is more sensitive in an odd way. To be honest I am worried about my liver and skelatl system and need to get my liver at least tested. Although not everyday is so amazing, becuase I still have baggage and insecurities from my days of acne, I dont really think about my skin anymore, which is wonderful
  4. Still at 10mg/week, still no major complaints.
  5. Ive been taking about 10mg a week for almost a year now. It allows me to eat whatever I want and have sex as much as I want while maintaining clear skin. The only side effect that I have is itchy skin all over my body. Its pretty annoying and don't remember it being a factor in my previous courses. Other than that its pretty great and I will probably continue indefinitely, depending on how my labs come back.
  6. This is the place. Third review claims success, hopefully someone on here will try it.
  7. Good luck with the tane man.

  8. Hi, Just thought I'd direct some attention to this interesting thread, thought some of the Nut/whol health peeps might have something to say before I waste any more money on supps. Cheerio
  9. It has reached the us. I almost had it done over a year ago. The first place it came to was LA and there are a lot of good reviews of the procedure. The spa is amazing also, I think its called gsap or something. Its in Beverly hills.
  10. i was trying to stop my accutane for 1 week but the oil was back and 2 big acne pop out. i can't be the only survivor because there will be still many self medication patients here. Ive been on about 20mg/week for the last 6 months. Before that I was on the same dose for about a year and took a year or two off. Are you happy with your treatment gallenng? Have you noticed any serious side effects?
  11. Been a few months now, lowering to only 10 mg a week, but I've had a few zits recently. Going back up to 20/week. Only side effects are dry lips occasionaly and a general itchiness that I didn't experience in my previous courses. Anyway, this is by far the easiest and most effective regimen I have done, just hope I don't run into any long term side effects. This recent study is reassuring.