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  1. Okay so through my experimentation with skincare products over the last 10 years I have tried q
  2. Revlon colorstay stays better, and looks better, on my oily skin than any of the other drugstore foundations I've tried. Never spent more then $13 on foundation though so I'm sure there's better out there.
  3. It's my understanding that loose powder usually has less ingredients, as compact powder has potentially bad ingredients added to keep it mushed together. I think loose powder is generally preferred for sensitive and problem skin for this reason.
  4. Hey guys, I have some "aztec secret" healing clay that I use on my folliculitis/picked pores (i'm a compulsive picker). It's calcium bentonite and I mix it up and use it every day on my arms, and it dries up infections and helps with swelling and inflammation. It really does speed up the healing process, it seems. I'm quite happy with it. I'm wondering if any of you guys have used this for body acne/folliculitis etc? It also helps with my ingrown hairs. A trick to help mix it up that would prob
  5. Not the powder but the dream matte mousse was totally terrible. Incredibly cakey and separated into like chunks and made my skin look flaky somehow.
  6. the problem is, it's impossible to say that wouldn't have improve WITHOUT the ipod app. I'm extremely skeptical of LEDs, even though I have esthetician's training in how to use them.
  7. Hey there. It's my understanding that oily skin causes large pores... pores won't just stretch out and sit open on their own, they stretch and become large because there is a lot of sebum inside them stretching them out. Make sense? Think of a water balloon. In beauty school, the way we determined someone's skintype in terms of oiliness was by looking at the size of the person's pores. So they are directly related. Hypothetically, I would conclude that if you were to find a product that reduces
  8. just looked up what a dermaroller does... sounds painful!!!!!!
  9. http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j208/luv...z/pinkhair7.jpg (No, I don't have acne anymore. But I still come around!)
  10. Just a note that a lot of probiotics aren't effective. A way to test acidophilus probiotics is to take two glasses, each with a bit of milk in them. Put some of the probiotics in one of the glasses (if in capsule form, open the capsule and empty contents into the glass). Leave them out overnight. The one with the probiotics in it should be significantly more curdled than the other. This is because acidophilus is the bacteria that curdles milk.
  11. Now that I am 21 and no longer have acne, the main impression I get from people with acne is that they look young, I guess because I mainly had acne when I was a teenager, not much at all now. But unattractive? no, not necessarily. I feel bad for people with severe acne and empathize with them more than anything else.
  12. WELL THE GLASS IS JUST HALF EMPTY, ISN'T IT? haha. I don't see why it would come back.
  13. Hey guys. Just wanted to post an encouraging note to all you teenagers dealing with acne. I had moderate-severe acne (although rarely cystic) from the age of 11 or so, on my body from age 12, and I also have compulsive traits and picked at my skin relentlessy, making it much worse. My skin was also very sensitive and I thought I had beginning stages of rosacea, even paid several hundred dollars to have IPL a few times. Pretty much all makeup irritated and stung my skin, and I couldn't even ident
  14. Hey all, I use olay regenerist daily regenerating serum, although not nearly consistently enough. It doesn't break me out, and makes my skin smooth and supple and seems to even out my complexion some after a few days of using it. I think a big part of it is the niacinamide in it, which I think is an advertised key ingredient in all the products in this line. It's at a concentration lower than that which has been used in studies to show its effectiveness, but in my opinion that doesn't mean it's
  15. Hey all. So, I haven't struggled with acne on my face in a few years (thank god) aside from the occasional little pimple. However, my skin is still extremely oily and full of comedones. I currently use a pineapple enzyme mask by Sanitas, and recently found my container of "Indian Healing Clay", calcium bentonite. I am thinking of mixing it with fresh squeezed lemon juice or vinegar or witch hazel or something, and a few drops of tea tree oil maybe, and after removing it following it immediately