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    i like to play all sports and i love to watch good movies.
  1. i have a question, um i went to walbaums and picked up a bottle of ACV, the company is America's Choice but it doesnt say organic or anything, it just says apple cider vinegar (reduced with water to 5% acidity). is it still ok to drink this stuff? thanks in advance
  2. well honestly, i just let it takes its course, i stopped all cleansers, acne treatments, soaps,.. i stopped all of it. i just washed my face with water and moisturized everyday without stripping my natural oils (which i have very dry/irritated) skin during winter. and soon enough(took about half a year), my acne started clearing on its own. of course i get the 1-2 pimples randomly here and there but after what i been there, that really doesnt effect me at all. i started taking some fish oils bec
  3. how do i deal with my sensitive, fair skin? all the years of putting stuff on my face, i think i sensitized my skin so much that it can be irritated easily
  4. thats really not good. u have to learn to make eye contact, its bad when ur talking to someone and all they do is look at the ground. just dont stare at them for too long, make a break and look away for a second
  5. whats the name of the green cream.. i did a search and notrhing came up.
  6. hey guys this summer i never put on sunscreen and now i have a very sun damaged face. it is like raw, blotchy red, and sensitive/dry. it feels uncomfortable and i just want to get it fixed asap. i heard chemical peels can help sun damaged skin, i never heard/seen chemical peels. is it something you can buy at like CVS or a pharmacy? what are some good ones? thanks
  7. i was expecting a guy with some really bad acne, but i saw your pic and its really not bad at all. i'd say go ahead and do the picture but try to distant yourself from the camera a bit if you are really worried about the acne
  8. your acne isnt even bad at all. take up a sport or something or join the gym. good luck
  9. the people who complain about the smallest things on their face are just as bad as proactiv.
  10. i wish i had just acne. i would love my life if i had acne but i have eczema which is so much worst then acne...... i could care less if i have acne on my face....
  11. dont listen to anything this guy said. you shouldnt let that stuff get to you. pimples are part of puberty you will get clear soon so just have fun and have a sense of humor and look forward. k later
  12. vaseline as an the sticky greasy one? i thought it clogged pores?
  13. my acne is like cleared up now but i have like redness i have to start wearing sunblock, but i dont know if some girls look at me because my skin or because they like me. im so used to people looking at my cuz my skin that i just dont want to make a fool out of myself and say whats up or hey
  14. hey peeps i need a good moisturizer with some spf in it for my sensitive red irritated face. i get really bad irritated redness from my eczema and being out in the sun too much. i was thinking of this one http://tinyurl.com/nddjq what do u think