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  1. If toxins in our food are really giving us Acne - how could something like Accutane fix it? Accutane doesn't make your liver better at getting rid of toxins....and people on Accutane see results without changing their diets....
  2. Yes - but the people selling you 'natural' supplements totally are. They are totally just out to help you. Right? I mean, that's totally different when *they* sell you a product. Totally. Totally different.
  3. It depends on the job. If you are a computer programmer....probably doesn't matter at all. However, if you deal with the general public or your customers, then yeah, I can see that being a mark against you. It's not just about acne, it's about appearance as a whole. Society likes attractive people. Society REALLY LIKES hot people. Looking good will help you get jobs, particularly jobs involving customer service. People are less likely to be upset, more forgiving, when dealing with attra
  4. Antibiotics work against acne because they help your body fight off/kill the p. acne bacteria, right? So, where do you *originally* get that bacteria from? According to the internet, acne is *not* contagious. So, how does that work? If you get strep throat - another bacterial infection...you have it until your body fights it off. Then it's *gone*. Until you get re-infected. If the p. acne bacteria is 'naturally occurring' how can an antibiotic provide lasting treatment? Likewise, I've
  5. If you go to wikipedia you can find a few studies that show low dose being effective. I read one of them here - http://dermatology.jwatch.org/cgi/content/full/2006/425/1 and I noticed that at the bottom of the study it says.... "6. Alternative dosing and schedules may prove difficult in the U.S. under the new federal monitoring program."
  6. I'm not a doctor but I've learned two things. First - for some reason, every derm I've mentioned the idea of low-dose Accutane to seems to think it's a bad idea. I've seen some studies and stuff that say it can be just as effective. I could be 100% wrong, but I think it's probably more about the legal requirements for derms that write prescription meds. I know they have to do iPledge paper work and all sorts of stuff, so, again 100% speculation - but I think they want you to be on and then o
  7. People need to remember that the people on Acne.org are the people *with skin problems*. My first Accutane date is in my sig here - I haven't logged into this site in *years*. I started on Accutane, my acne went away...I had no reason to post here. So I didn't. The people who had great success with Accutane aren't here. They are somewhere else. I had no acne for two years after taking Accutane and then very mild acne for a few months. My acne is still very mild, but I'll probably go back
  8. I took Accutane a few years ago but I've got acne again. Pretty mild, but I'm old and tired of this stuff. I always thought the total cumulative dose was all that mattered; so I figured the doc would want me to do another month or something. But my derm wants me to go through four months (IE - do the whole thing; again). Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. no, a derm doesn't have to prescribe any medication. they may though. and there is obviously a reason the derm is taking you off accutane, maybe the blood work was bad. i mean, she is the one who put you on accutane, so she obviously thought you were a candidate. True - but failure to prescribe a med. can be grounds for a malpractice lawsuit.
  10. It doesn't really matter - if ACV really did the trick, you wouldn't need Accutane anyway, right? If you think it helps, sure, keep taking it; or bring it up with your derm.
  11. Studies seem to be showing that lowdose accutane works GREAT. Possible side effects aren't really known; but, during my 4th month of accutane, I was supposed to be on 80mg a day - but I knew I was losing my insurance/moving/changing jobs. I put myself on a low-dose treatment, making my 1 month supply last 4 months. Once I had my new job/new insurance, I was out of pills anyway. But my blood work came back fine; all of my levels are just the same as from when before I took accutane. The prob
  12. If you didn't fast before your blood test was done, your levels of EVERYTHING are pretty much meaningless. Doc never told me this either. What they should have done was have you come in the next day, after not eating, draw blood again. If the blood work came back normal; then you could continue your Accutane treatment. The good news is, Accutane's effectiveness is all about cumulative dosage. You want 120-150mg per kg of body weight. The pills you've already taken put you closer to that n
  13. The biggest concern is going to be your triglyceride levels. 150 mg/dl is considered 'normal', above that, some small concern. As long as you stay under 150 there shouldn't be any problem. I was 70 before accutane, 70 during accutane, and 70 after accutane....so it doesn't always increase it. Also, things like eating food, drinking alcohol can increase it; exercise can help your body regulate it.
  14. no, a derm doesn't have to prescribe any medication. they may though. and there is obviously a reason the derm is taking you off accutane, maybe the blood work was bad. i mean, she is the one who put you on accutane, so she obviously thought you were a candidate.