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  1. Does oil blotting paper helps? I use tissues and the shine comes back after 1 to 2 hrs.
  2. Ive been on the regime for 2 weeks and it working like a charm. I bought a chemical peel package to reduce my acne and acne scars prior to the regimen. The peels works great at removing ur old skin so the new skin come out. Well one of my concerns is your not suppose to use anything but a gentle cleanser and moisturizer while your skin is peeling for the next 4-5 days. Problem is during this time is also when I break out. Just wonder would it be ok to still do the regimen during this time t
  3. The problem turtle is that he can't seem to talk to her.
  4. Just do what your doing now. Write her a note and tell her how you feel. The worst thing to do is to never express yourself. Because then you will always wonder. Rejection can be scary but it does allow you to move on.
  5. There is no point to life! Now that you have the answer, the question you should be asking is, what purpose in life due you want?
  6. Let the air out in her tires. Yeah I can be mean but so is life.
  7. What about nads? Or all those spray away hair products.
  8. What you all fail to realize is maybe he too needed to whine in his own way. People dont just stumble onto acne.org go to the emo forum and bother to read countless post for no reason.
  9. Wow realangel how did you infer all that from the poem. Vince looks great now (considering his before pic 2 weeks into accutane) take a look at his accutane journal and go to page 4. I dont see anywhere where he says he wants to off himself.
  10. Its raised scars. Acne comes and goes obviousily if it been there a while it scars.
  11. I hear laser surgery is only good for hypertrophic scars (raised scars). It sucks for everything else.
  12. Depends on how much of your face it involves. Mine was 200 per session, total of 3 sessions a month apart.
  13. The only one that sticks out is the one in the middle of your nose otherwise your skin is awesome. Any mild exfoliant with time should work to get rid of that. Sorry to say it but time is your best bet.
  14. I can see the correlation one would draw from Accutane causing scars. But the fact remains it not the Accutane, it the acne. Accutane makes most people break out initial. Granted the acne that you might of gotten came from accutane but who to say you wouldn't have gotten it later down the line anyways. After all why are you taking Accutane in the first place? Then lets factor in the precautions one should take while being on accutane. While on accutane you skin is more suspectible
  15. Talk to a plastic surgeoun. They are the leading experts when it comes to wanting to look good.
  16. Sorry to sound like a smart ass dear but accutane did not cause your scars the acne did. Acne = Scars especially big pimples or cysts, consider yourself lucky if you dont have any scarring from acne.
  17. That the whole point of any oral medication. Why should it surpise you that you get acne back when you stop taking it. Obvious there something wrong with our bodies that cause these breakouts, either you out grow, or you force to control it. Im pretty much clear (minus the nose scars which I have will be gone next month after my plastic surgeoun removes them) but still have very oily skin. I went a week without using duac and tazorac and started to break out again.
  18. There is nothing wrong with taking mino and alcohol. I hope you dont mean at the same time because as it already states on the label you shouldn't take anything 2 hrs before or after you take the pill.