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  1. The Pharma Plus near me doesn't have it. I'll try Walmart tho!!! Thanks! (if they have discontinued it, and i do find it, i'm buying every botle on the shelf....)
  2. I haven't been on here for a looong time.... Does anyone know if and where you can get Got2b products in Mississauga (or Ontario or Canada in general)? I'm looking for the "Pure Intent Clay Mask" and the "All mixed up mash mask". I had bought the clay mask at Shoppers Drug Mart, but they aren't carrying it anymore? Can anyone help me? I love this stuff and I really don't want to have to give up using it. Can it be ordered online from Canada at a decent price? I'd really appreciate any he
  3. Ok so I think I'm on day 20 now No more new pimples!!! My skin is starting to look better now. All that's left is the scars from the pimples i picked at... Still have very dry lips, but I'm getting use to it. Feeling kind of sluggish, but other than that, everything is under control.
  4. I have bought and been using Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen in SPF 55. It's nice and light, non-greasy, and has a pleasant scent. Not like my old sunscreens that were greasy and strong smellings. I would definitly recommend it. I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. The UK must have an equivalent... I was wondering where I could purchase this in the UK?
  5. You will want to look for a moisturizer that is water-based and non scented. I can't put anything scented on my skin right now becuase it burns. Try out a bunch until you find one you like. Right now I am using Complex 15 moisturizer, but its not thick enough to moisturize my accuntane-dried out face. Its not greasy though. I loved it before I started on these pills. Your makeup should be fine though, I don't think you have to change that. Maybe switch to a moisturizing lipstick/gloss/whatever t
  6. FIGHTING THE DRYNESS!!!! I've been on accutane for just over a week now. My face is so dry that I can lift layers of the skin off. (it's really gross). My lips are still swollen and cracked, and I've broken out in these wierd little bumps on my arms. Ok, so here's my battle plan so far: For dry eyes: I use "Tears Naturale Forte" lubricant Eye Drops For Dry Skin: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. (I am tempted to put this on my face...anyone think that might be a bad idea?) For Dry Lips: Du
  7. So does the dryness eventually back off? I put polysporin and vaseline (mixed togehter) on my lips last night, and kind of rubbed it in. it helped heal up the cracks a bit. I'm going out to buy "natural tears" for me eyes, and apparently there is moisturizer for inside of your nose...so im looking into that too. That's my battle plan for now. I really want to be acne-free because I want to go into television broadcasting, and the damn camera make zits look like mini-mountains. If the side-
  8. I took my 9th pill today. It is 1AM and I am ITCHY! My eyes itch, my lips hurt (swollen and cracked), my skin is itchy, my nose keeps getting bloody, and im even itching in places that im sure im not suppose to be...(sorry if thats graphic for any guys reading). How do people stay on this for 5 months at a time?!?! I want to get off this already!!! Today I used so much Blistex medicated, that my lips turned an orangey-yellowish colour
  9. Thanks for the motivation. I'll keep posting
  10. Hey there, Just wondering. If I put sunscreen on my face, won't it break me out? It's really greasy.... Does anyone know of a good brand to use? Or is something like Garnier Fresh face moisturizer with SPF good enough? Anyone?
  11. Hey Everyone, I'm on 40mg Accutane. Week 1: Within the first couple of days I noticed the "initial breakout". I have huge cystic pimples on my face and chest. By the 4-5th days my lips started drying out and my face is kind of sore. Apparently this is all normal, but I really hate the dry lips. I've been putting on Vaseline several times a day, and using Blistex Medicated Lip Balm as well. Nothing is helping. I may need to switch face mositurizer as well. Right now I use Complex 15 (which is
  12. Are you taking it in conjunction with a revised (candida) diet? If not - then any yeast you kill off with the oil of oregano will just come right back, cos high sugar and high carb foods will just keep feeding your yeast - so is like taking one step forward, and two steps back - so if in that context if you keep taking oil of oregano without revising your diet you will always feel ill when taking it, it will be a vicious circle. If you revise your diet correctly, taking oil of oregano will ki
  13. Good to know. I'll try taking it during the day to see if it helps. How long do you usually have to take this for, for it to be effecitive? And are you suppose to KEEP taking it? like, after it does what its suppose to do?
  14. Hi There, So, i've been trying to take Oil of Oregano once a day to help clear up my skin. I take one capsul a day, usefuly at night with a glass of water. I have noticed that every morning after I've taken it, I feel like Im starving or I feel nauseated. Is this normal? Should I be taking the Oil of Oregano during the dya instead? Anyone have any ideas? Ive been having similar side effects from evening primrose oil as well.