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  1. With regards to the attached topic, I feel that a bit of caution would be good because no one really knows how BP will react with SA from one person to another. You are welcome to try but do it in moderation first and see how your skin reacts. As for me, I am a firm believer that using a BP (or even SA) as a wash will only kill off the bacteria during the wash. After that the skin will not be resistant to the bacteria. That is why it is better to use the BP cream (or gel) to provide for longe
  2. hi elfgreen, I've had no luck finding it in any of the pharmacies as well. So what moisturiser are you using? Any recommendations. I tried the Neutrogena SPF15 (it does not say oil free on the cover, but the distributer claims that it is oil free) and my face turned really white. Currently I'm using the Neutrogena combination moisturiser. I want to try something different because this moisturiser can sometimes make my face flaky and it stings with the bp on. TQ:)
  3. hi there! anyone from malaysia know where i could get the eucerin renewal lotion recommended by dan? thank you.
  4. No Elly, this is the same product that Dan recommends except that it does not say oil-free on the box. It turned my skin white throughout the day. My face tends to get oily and that made thing worse. By the time evening came, my face was really white.
  5. Hey All, I bought a Neutrogena Moisturiser SPF15 but it did not say oil-free. When I used it, my face turned really white (my skin is brown, so just imagine the reaction that I got). Now, the distributer for this product in Malaysia says that the Moisturiser is oil-free evethough it did not say that on the package. Is this true? Honestly, I don't think so because of the effects that it had on me. Any opinions on this? Thanks and regards.
  6. Hi All, Need some advice here.... (1) Is using a Shaving Foam OK? I use the Gillette Shaving Foam, but it does not say anything about being non-comdogenic. (2) Can I shave without any foam or soap (just a wet face)? (3) Unfortunately I cannot find any moisturiser here in Malaysia that is oil-free and has SPF-15. They all have oil in them if it is with SPF15. The Nivea for men has got UVA/UVB protection, but it does not mention anything about non-comdogenic. Has anyone tried this moisturis
  7. Just a query here...If the BP touches my hair (talking about eyebrows here) how soon does it take to get the eyebrows bleached. If it stayed there for a few minutes is that OK???? :-k I usually apply the BP completely (I try to avoid getting the BP to my eyebrow but sometimes a bit does get to it) and then wash off any BP (with a wet tissue) that gets to the eyebrows.
  8. He He He....Funny thing happened to me...I bought a SPF 15 Neutrogena Moisture without realizing that it was not oil-free. Today at work my colleague told me that my face looks burnt. Well actually it looks more glossy. So now I know why we (those with oily-face) should use an oil-free moisturiser. Oh well, guess I should throw away that thing. Unfortunately I cannot find a good SPF moisturiser here in Malaysia (there are, but they are not oil-free).
  9. Hey Kellyj.... What kind of Zinc molecule is it? I found out that Zinc Gluconate should not be taken for more than a month (I don't know how true this is, but I rather stay away from supplements). Any Zinc supplement should be taken with a Copper supplement (in your case, 1mg) with the exception of Optizinc supplement. I read that with Optizinc, you don't need to supplement with Copper (but just to be sure please do more research or consult a doctor about this). Anyway even if you have
  10. Well Bern, I'm a vegetarian so absolutely no living, breating and moving stuff. I usually try to get most of my Zinc in the morning with Whole Wheat cereal added with Wheat Germ and Honey. Then I take two slices of wheat bread. So that gives a good amount of Zinc serving. For lunch I take soy beans and potato (and sometimes pumpkin). I think soy beans and potato are a good source of zinc. For dinner I don't usually take much Zinc rich food (except for the occasional potato). Hopefull
  11. thanks all.... When I wash my face, I use gentle circular motion. Maybe I'll just smooth the cleanser instead (will try this and see if it makes any difference).
  12. Please be aware of something. When you take Zinc Supplements you should take Copper Supplements as well. If you search the internet for Zinc and Copper supplements you will see that most of the sites stress that these two supplements should be taken together. The correct ratio nost sites give for Zinc:Copper would be 10mg:1mg. I used to take 15mg of Zinc alone and I ended up having some joint problems. Once I stopped it got better. Zinc supplementation without copper will cause the body t
  13. Just curious here....I am now 4 weeks into the regime and I do see some improvements to my skin. I don't think I am allergic to BP but would like to know what exactly is contact dermatitis and how do I identify if someone has got it? :-k I guess I am being paranoid here. ](*,) Can someone get an allergic reaction to BP after a long time using it? :-k Somethings I have noticed happening is: 1. When I sit in an airconditioned room, some parts of my face can get itchy (but it is tolerab
  14. Well just a thought here. Acne treatment is an on going treatment. You shouldn't stop after you are clear. So if BP clears the skin and you stop than (as a lot of people in this regime have found out) you will break out again. I have found a lot of websites for Acne cure stressing that you shouldn't stop your acne treatment that works best for you (quite a few of them recommend using BP). Also if we shouldn't be using the BP for more than a month then it would have been stated as a warnin
  15. I have this weird condition. After applying the BP, I seem to sweat above and below my lips, on my chin and just above my eyebrows. I am wondering if this is sweat or just water. Anyone faced this problem and is there a solution for it. Thanks and Regards.