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  1. Hello. Has anybody here tried a type of laser treatment for their facial redness? The product rating section of the website is kind of useless, since it lumps a bunch of laser types into one category. I have red patches that aren't going away anymore, and veins that are visible, especially on my cheekbone. I've been told that a laser (like vbeam or something) could clear this away, but I don't know.
  2. Hi everybody. I've got a bit of a problem. I use benzoyl peroxide, so the areas where I use it get really dry and flaky, especially after I finish washing. So its really dry in the morning. But by the afternoon my face is drenched in oil. I mean drenched. I feel I need a moisturizer for that dry period in the morning, but I don't want anything that will make my face even oilier than it is now. Any suggestions?
  3. Okay, well, thanks for all the help guys. Let's see if I can answer those four questions: 1) I shave every day. 2) I use disposable gillette razors (use each one about 3-4 times, then dispose) 3) I only apply BP to mouth and nose 4) I use globs of it. Also, I don't use any lip balm specifically because I know it will break me out. That was a good thought though, savvyspaz. It's actually a pain because I get really chapped in the winter but am terrified to apply lip balm. Haha, and I wish
  4. Hi guys. Well, I'm happy (and sad) to say that I only really get acne nowadays around my mouth, particularly around the corners. It gets really bad sometimes, and is scarring. Anyway, does anyone know what might be causing this? I try not to touch my mouth. Benzoyl peroxide didn't work, and I have been on Tazorac for four months now with little or no result. Sometimes it goes away, but its consistently in that area, and its flaring up right now (hence the post). Any ideas?
  5. Hey man, I have a very similar story to yours. I would give it some time before you know for sure, but I had been off the tane for about a year and was still really red and burning. I've since had a dermatologist tell me it was rosacea, which i didn't have for sure before accutane. I did two courses and also did four months of tazorac. So its a possibility, but wait it out and see. I know accutane is notorious for having long-lasting side effects, so this could well go away. Don't sweat it
  6. Great. I mean, I'm a twenty year old male. Not exactly a prime candidate for rosacea, but I checked out rosacea.org and I have a lot of the symptoms for the subtype one they have listed there. Hopefully It doesn't get worse. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hi all. Well, I've been off accutane for a couple years, but I continue to have what I feel is a side-effect, as it is something that never occured before I took the drug. Basically, my face burns. It feels really heated, like I'm embarrassed, then it starts burning, almost like I'm sunburnt. Oh yeah, and it turns angry red, particularly across my cheeks. I should mention that I use NO product on this area, no BP, no nada. Does anyone have a similar thing happen to them. I get so heated I
  8. The internet is easy to use, which is good, but it also means that any dolt can use the internet to express their dolt opinions about the link between acne and "pussy cottage cheese." Besides, cottage cheese is good for you! Ok, gross. But speaking of changing the topic... there is a girl at my university who I think is stunning. I remember last year she had quite bad acne, but I still thought she was hot. This year she has visible scarring on her cheeks but it honestly does not detract f
  9. Well, if we're talkin ideal girl here, I'd say... Sweet and innocent, for sure, but once in a while with that look in the eye like "come get it". So nice and naughty, in that order. I actually don't like girls who have really similar interests as me. Someone who will take care of me! Oh yeah, and girls that do so-called "womanly" things like cooking, man, that's hot.
  10. Thanks Fuman. I'd lost my pamphlet so I wasn't sure, and the website is pretty useless if you ask me. That's good news for me, though.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to use Tazorac only on a specific area rather than on the whole face. See, I only really break out near my mouth, but since I've been applying Taz all over my face for about fourteen weeks now my whole face breaks out. Is it possible to just apply it to the lower half of my face (mouth and jawline) or do I need to apply it all over for it to work. I don't mean spot treat exactly, like using it on existing pimples, but using it consistently over problem
  12. Hi acne boardies/buddies. I have been using Tazorac 0.1 (the cream) religiously for about three and a half months now. Total result: nothing. And by nothing I mean no improvement, absolutely none. In fact, my condition is considerably worse than when I started using the drug, not to mention the drying and redness that comes along with it. I'm pretty dissapointed for a number of reasons. First of all, this is pretty much the strongest thing you can do to your face, and if it's not helping a
  13. Hello there. I've been on the Tazorac 0.1 for about 2.5 months as well. It hasn't done anything but make my skin worse, but I'm gonna ride it out the whole 12 weeks and then evaluate from there. I hope you stick with it, too, and maybe our patience will pay off!
  14. Hello people. Been using tazorac now for nine weeks, and I can safely say that every day that I've been on the drug, my acne's gotten worse. Now, this is despairing, of course. I've gone from, I'd say, mild acne, to moderate/severe. A few cysts up near my temples that'll be there for some months I assume, and pimples pimples everywhere, even in places I never had them before. My skin is red and flakes, and I haven't seen ANY improvement to speak of. But regardless, I'm optimistic. The dru
  15. Hello. That is a nice quote. Where did you find it?