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  1. Hey i live in chicago have u tried going to Jade dragoon tattoo?
  2. Hey tenntenn Im asian too how long did it take for you to see an improvement? how many treatment.
  3. What i observed to this new (less preservatives) csr gel in the last two weeks is less redness less irritating and less dryness.thats all.
  4. use castrol oil and smear it all over your face
  5. yay! i ordered mine on wednesday and received it today ,it only took mine 3 days here in chicago.
  6. Hey STEVEN SHUT UP! u been spamming this forum every minute! :evil:
  7. HEY TM when did u purchase the new batch?? please let me know.Because i dont wana purchase yet.Because they might send me the old stuff and i dont want that to happen.
  8. Is there any changes of the preservatives?? please let me know
  9. Since when i switch to CSR gel my face gets burns or something like stinging and severe flakiness.I been on the regimen since first week of november and im already thinking about going back to proactiv.I think the ingredients of the csr gel is too strong than proactiv (bp).Is anyone here is a former proactiv user and trying to switch back again??
  10. Me too! i been on the regimen for 2 and a half months.Before when i was using proactiv my redmarks fade preatty fast about 1 month.And now im using dans bp and the regimen and my redmarks fade too long, 2 and a half months and red marks still wont fade.
  11. Why is the redmarks fade too long? I been on the regimen for about 2 months and these redmarks wont fade away.I mean i been a former proactiv user for 7 years and i do get red marks ,but it only last long for a month.But with these csr and the regimen i still have theses redmarks for almost 2 months.
  12. have u experience any burning or stinging when u applying on your face?