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  1. I'm in week 8 now. The bad breakout seems to have ceased (fingers crossed). I remain faithful.
  2. I don't use tea tree oil on my face because I've actually burned my face with it. I looked like I had sunburn for a week. But, I do occaisionlly add a little to my shampoo. It clears up dandruff, scalp zits, and leaves your scalp all tingly. AND, it's cheaper than buying Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. I just squirt the shampoo in my palm and pour a small amount of oil on top, stir with my finger, and wash away. Also, tea tree oil kills athletes foot, ringworm, and other pesky skin fun
  3. Vit E and A are for skin. They actually helped clear my Dad's rosascea(spelling?). Also, omega fatty acids made from fish oils help alot. They help keep skin moisturized/flexible/stretchy. Only problem is, they gave me fish flavored burps. :oops:
  4. I have watched the videos. I try as best I can to slop on the BP. Sometimes, it seems like my face isn't big enough. But, I'm layering it on. I've been trying a new approach on the days I have to use the Eucerin. I only put it on my driest areas. The zits on my chin and cheeks are clearing up. I still have red spots/zit remnants from 2 months ago. Is that normal? Also, my skiin tone has become patchy red. Is that still supposed to happen in week 8? I think my breakout was hormone rela
  5. If I don't use the Eucerin at least every other night, my face dries out horribly. If I use it in the morning, my face is sooooo greasy I can't stand it, and I feel sticky all day.
  6. Here is my regimen: MORNING hand wash face with Cetaphil normal/oily face wash pat dry wait 15 minutes wash hands gently apply Proactiv BP to entire face wash hands wait 5-7 minutes wash hands apply Neutragena Moisture for Sensitive Skin to entire face and neck wash hands wait 5 minutes apply makeup (brand has not changed since I began) Almay Skin Stays Clean with Beta Hydroxy NIGHT during shower, hand wash face with either the same Cetaphil or Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar p
  7. I'm in week 7, and despite my breakout in week 3, this week has been BAD. My chin is absolutely COVERED. I haven't changed anything. I don't know. My skin has recovered from the dryness finally. Am I putting on too much moisturizer? I can't figure out what I have or haven't done. Any suggestions?
  8. Well, it's week 7. I'm having my worst breakout since I started. Zits all over my chin. I hope they go away soon.
  9. I swear! Don't ya'll ever talk back? Maybe that's why my high school teachers hated me and why my Profs in college avoided me. I'm a little too outspoken sometimes. But, I'm not going to let some jerk get off by trying to make me feel inferior, ugly, not good enough, etc. My favorite come back to this bitch I knew in high school was, "Do you always have to point out what's wrong with other people? Do you have low self-esteem? Maybe you should talk to someone about it." Some people do thi
  10. I've used the bee sting excuse before. Also, I have ingrown hairs all over and legs and arms. I've said they were everything from razor burn to poison ivy. The older I got, and the more I learned about my skin condition, I would give the d.a.'s the full medical background...make it sound really clinical. Seemed to shut them up. Made THEM feel stupid and rude. Yep, I'd say BLUNT is the way to go. It turns things around on people and makes them aware of how rude and insensitive they can b
  11. Have you had your wisdom teeth removed recently? A friend of mine had a hard lump like that come up about 3 months after having her wisdom teeth removed, and it turned out to be a blot clot. After trying to remove it with antibiotics, her doctor had to cut it out. You should get it checked. If it's a blood clot and it breaks loose, it could cause a stroke or worse, no matter what age you are.
  12. Soap is too harsh and drying. I also have sensitive, oily skin. I use Cetaphil cleanser for normal/oily skin. It has a strong scent. It doesn't seem to trigger my allergies, though (and I'm allergic to EVERYTHING). It evens my skin out very well. If I'm feeling particularly greasy, I use the Purpose bar...very mild and no scent.
  13. I have what I call a perma-zit. Sounds simialr to what you're experiencing. It's a deep whitehead on my cheek bone. No matter how many times I pop it, it always comes back within a month. I'm hoping that the regimen will finally get rid of it. I just popped it 2 nights ago. It seems to be flking away. But, as I just now recall, my husband has a perma-blackhead on his back. Thing won't ever go away. But, I definitely think there is hope for a whithead to finally DIE!
  14. If you'd like something that has a nice scent, Nivea makes an aftershave moisturizer for sensitive skin that my husband uses. Wonderful manly smell, but not overpowering. I've even used it after shaving my legs! Not sure about non-comedegenic, though.
  15. I live in the horribly humid state of Alabama, so I live for winter. I finally stop sweating, and I'm not so oily.