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  1. hope it works for you ktown....kingston??
  2. i tried, she doesnt seem to interested in my way...yet... agree, tetra and minocin, did nothing in the pastl.....but we'll see on the "adult acne" phats
  3. i'd say its mild/moderate, currently i look really good....but my scalp is another issue and my main concern anyway.. ive done Dans method, and to be honest find it a huge pain in the azz, id much rater take 2 tabs of accutane a week and be done with it.... unfortunately, no studies on 2 and 3x week dosing with accutane... im thinking as long as i get blood work done every so often, all is well..... we'll see how the tetracycline goes..... phats
  4. well, she was quick, has her own agenda i think, either way....the unit prescribes me tetracycline saying i have chronic adult acne, and ACCUTANE AND MINOCIN are not long term options... now MAYBE, since i am out of my teens, TETRA "MIGHT" suppress my adult acne (i doubt) i aske what plan "B" will be, she says she doesnt know... i just read briefly about BACTRIM here...so i will read more.........is that an option up here in canada?? opinions required ive done 3.5 courses of accutane, the la
  5. ive done 3 OFFICIAL COURSES, plus my own regimen.....i still have the shit...see new derm tomorrow!! 30yr old
  6. well, since ive done 3 full courses, the last one was a total of 19000 mg i think... 100mg/day for like 6 or 7 months//// i self treated with 40mg mon-wed-frid and was very happy... going to DERM tomorrow and hope she agrees to do the same for life or whatever!!!, OR i even want to start 20mg 3x week.... 30yr old, acne SUCKS.... phats
  7. [i had no intial breakout on my 3 courses!!!!!! i clear up by the end of the week....love it! good luck
  8. well....im going to my doctor tomorrow... have been researching like mad... turns out i am not only hypogonadal, but possibly hyperthyroidism....BASICALLY HYPOPITUITARY..... AND OF INTEREST.....SIDE EFFECT OF HYPOTHYROIDISM IS SCALP ACNE... Our endocrine system is indeed a delicate system... phats
  9. well, a quick search of my posts and you will find my history..... 3 goes with "tane" i got my GP to give me accutane so i could dose it 40mg EOD....clear as a whistle... he must of had second thoughts, sent me to a new derm, she goes "you look gr8, stop the tane so i can see you at your worst" NICE...ill make my long story short.. well, its been 3 weeks face not so bad. but for the past 3 yrs?? my scalp is UNBELIEVABLE....i bet thousand of those little bastards in there, what the hell??? i
  10. my wife is a tech... yes some are "not so bright", they are NOT qualified or even suppose to give out ANY medical advice.....there is a high turnover cause the pay is shit..... in retail anyway.... get in a hospital and all is good.... [hats
  11. my third course was 100mg/day for 8 months i think... still break out... currently gunna stay of for life or something..... 2 or 3 40mg pills a week with the occasion 4-8wk break... pretty sure mine comes from stress... phats
  12. nope easy as hell......healing brush is photoshop 7....life safer for photos
  13. i tried to post in the gallery, but no luck... hope this is what u look like post accutane bro!! god i love photoshop
  14. think i took 300mg b4 i did accutane for the 3rd time
  15. same here GET THE BLOOD work done, get the script filled.......get the derm to call if you NEED to stop treatmnt immediately as per blood work results.....my 2 cents phats
  16. so, i am sick of the acne....almost 29. i started the regime, which also brought acne it seemed........so i did some research......this is to be expected i find......well i cannot live with ANY more, so i have some accutane laying around.... start 40mg a day....end of week i have like 2 heaters!!!!! yippee my plan is to stop the TANE after a while when my skin gets used to BP, then see if the program will keep me clear.....otherwise LONG term TANE useage will be in the cards for me!!!!! eve
  17. welcome to my world....3x and still get em anyone hear of isotrex......topical accutane, been wanting to try that phats
  18. accesskb...... yes i have a healthy diet as of october, i have since dropped 30lbs and take in plenty of water.... i think its stress related, but after accutane i should be able to roll around in butter like a cob of corn... phats
  19. I'm on my fourth and still breaking out, and I'm 35!!!! grrrrr..... What are you doing now for your skin? darn acne! just started the regime.....didnt like the breakouts so i had some spare accutane laying around i will take for 3 weeks while my skin gets used to the BP and what not phats
  20. have not looked yet, but is it available....im around kingston ontario... thanks phats
  21. just bought 90 tabs of generic for 10.99!!!!!!!!!! unreal phats
  22. this is what i do......graphic thou i have a 25 or 27g needle and pop that bastard right in the middle......talk about instant relief phats
  23. 3. pimples on scalp.... cures???? thanks 90% sure my acne is stress related.....how in the hell are you suppose to keep them under control.......there is always stresss??