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  1. yeah i've also noticed a big difference in my excercising and am only on 10mg/day i do circuit weight training and am starting to get alot more tired during my training and losing motivation to train it feels like so much hard work just to go to the gym, although am gonna force myself as i dont wanna throw away all the hard work ive done for the past few years
  2. thanks for the replys yeah i've heard jojoba is good, although i've just tried eucerin redness relief and its looking great, if anything its making me look a bit pale lol it is expensive though but if it works then who cares
  3. i'll try the eucerin to see if it makes a difference although i do get the feeling that moisturisers wont help much can anyone use prednisone with accutane?
  4. hey guys am only on a low dosage but my face is so red what is the best possible moisturiser i can use in the uk? currently using Aveeno but its just not working, i appreciate any advice
  5. yeah i found that the first few months of the regimen was trial and error to really customize it for urself at first i was using it twice a day but my skin became dry and very red, so i started just using it just in the morning which worked perfect, my skin was still a bit dry but i could deal with it and then after bout a year i changed it to just putting it on at night and again i didnt have any problems and also most of the dryness went away and been doin this now for about 2 years it depe
  6. thanks for the replys guys looks like am gonna try aquaphor
  7. hi guys, been on accutane for about a week and staring to get severe dry lips does anyone strongly recommend a certain lip moisturise? cheers
  8. i was on the regimen for 3 years and it worked perfect for me, altho i came to a point few weeks ago where i didnt want to rely on BP for the rest of my life due to it bein toxic. i came off the regimen at the start of march and my derm has put me on a low dosage of roaccutane. ive had a slight break out on my face altho at the mo its nothing too severe and hopefully the accutane will stop it in its tracks. since bein being on the regimen and also bein on several diferent diets i have noticie
  9. thanks for the reply, yeah i moisturise day and night using aveeno ultra calming, ive temporaraly come of accutane for a few days untill the redness dies down and then i start taking a 20 mg capsule every other day
  10. just started accutane 3 days ago on a low dose of 20 mg a day, today my face seems really red and dry, is this normal? its starting to get a little uncomfortable now. previously i was on Dan's regimen for 3 years and worked a treat altho i didnt wanna become dependant on benzoyl peroxide for the rest of my life, i stopped the regimen 3 weeks ago so am not sure if my skin is still recovering from BP and thats why with this accutane its becoming red? has anyone had a similar experience to this,
  11. its a great moisturizer! ive been using it for over a year now and cant fault it! i originally used it to reduce redness which i had a massive problem with at the start of the regimen, and this moisturizer helped loads. its great for using in the day as its SPF 15 and also its not greasy and leaves me with no shine! i highly recommend it so give it a go. also for people suffereing from redness i recommend using oxy on the spot UK version as its by far the best one ive used and leaves skin
  12. cheers guys, i think i'l steer clear of dairy now just to see what happens
  13. hey guys ive decided to eliminate dairy products from my diet just to see if its causing my severe acne. the only problem is that ive always drank milk to help me put weight on as i do weight training and provides me with alot of the nutrients i need. does anyone know what foods i can have that will help me with my weight training and dosent contain dairy? any advice will be appreiciated! thanks
  14. i think it'l more likely be switching BP as i was using DKR gel for over a year and whilst using it my skin always seemed slightly red or irritated, i then changed to oxy which is by far less irritating and now my skin feels normal, altho i hav slightly broke out a bit since using it but nothing major, go back to oxy n see how it goes
  15. does anyone know where i could get this from, been evrywhere and most places only do the quinoderm 10? also does anyone know if quinoderm 5 is anymore dryin than oxy on the spot?