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  1. What about the mystic tan? Those are supposed to be a better and more even coverage.
  2. From what I've read TCA peels break you out and don't do too much in improving scars. Subcision: Mixed reviews. I think it depends on the scar type and the Dr. Fraxel: Too soon to tell IMO Smoothbeam: Not very good from what I have read.
  3. If you broke your arm and left it to heal without first resetting it and protecting it with a splint or cast then it would heal badly. Sometimes intervention is the right thing to do. I said if you cut your arm... I don't think that aggravating or disturbing the body's healing process is a good idea, but that's just my personal opinion. I'm just putting this out there for others to think about before they do something (maybe) too soon. Yes, they are definately stiill there! I will do
  4. I have old ones too. They always look better after some time (in my casr anyway). My advice is to wait at least six months, because you don't want to reinjure a new wound, which is what a scar really is. I mean, if you cut your arm, would you do something to aggaravate it before it was completely healed? It's completely up to you, but time is cheap and you can always do something in a year. At least you won't have to wonder how it would've healed on its own or God forbid, if you've made it wors
  5. I wasn't doing anything. I decided to let my scars heal for the recommended one year until they are mature before doing any scar revisions. I thought it best because I didn't want to make them worse while they are still fresh and vulnerable to more damage. I wanted to see what the healing effects of time could accomplish on its own. I still have scars and will get something done in six months (when they are one year old). I just wanted people with new scars to think and maybe give time a chanc
  6. Retin-a makes some people break out. It made my skin look like major crappolla...it was red, irritated and I got cysts. That was before accutane, so I don't know how it would work for me now, but I am afraid to try. If it keeps your acne at bay it is good for building collagen.
  7. I was using it only on my forehead for about a month, but I stopped. I didn't really like it and it didn't seem to be doing much at all for anything. My scars on my cheeks have improved the most. I'm glad I waited. I was afraid doing something before the scars have fully healed would make them worse, or at the very least halt their healing in their tracks. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I can always have something done in six months and I will, because I know they'll still be there, but I'll
  8. How old are you?35 Have you done anything to your scars?No, not yet. What type of scarring was it?Oh, they're stil there, but they are fillling in a bit or something. All I know is that they look better. They are icepicks, boxscars and saucer scars. The scarred pores look the same. How long has it been?Seven months now.
  9. My scars are looking less obvious!! I decided to wait and see what natural healing would do with my scars and I'm sooooo glad I did. Don't get me wrong, they are still there, but they are healing alot. I still want to do some noninvasive things to improve them, but only after a year has passed since i got them. My reason for waiting was bc I didn't want to make them maybe worse while they were healing. I just wanted to tell everyone because I am so happy and so that other people might thin
  10. I started using taz on my forehead to see how it helps with skin tone and scars on Dec. 26th. I peel like crazy. During the peeling process I lay off the taz. I haven't noticed any difference yet. I use a BP and glycolic face wash 2x a day. I just started using moisturizer, but am scared it'll break me out. I take 2 EFA pills daily and GOL vitamin C. I just added a Super Antioxidant pill to the mix, too. It says to take two a day (all my pills do), but I don't want to take six pills a da
  11. Hi hopeful When was your dermabrasion done? Maybe it will heal. I want you to remain hopeful. Time can really work wonders. Have you tried a bleaching cream? Which dr. performed it? Have you spoken with them? If so, what did they say? I'm so sorry all of you had to experience this and I thank you for sharing you pain and pictures with us. You are helping so many of us who may have gone for the procedure, but know better now thanks to your openness that there are risks that should be t
  12. This is what I am thinking. Everyone on here has tried peels and microdermabrasion, even regular dermabrasion which takes off as many layers as is safe, things that take off the upper layers of the skin, yet we're all still here except for the mysterious Mistress Yoda. I don't know what to think...the two above posts contradict one another. Who is right? I don't think taz is better than retin-a, because I can't find much about its collagen producing abilities. If you REALLY want
  13. Thanks everyone! I feel a little bit better today. My forehead isn't peeling anymore and the skin looks normal there. I apologize for the rant. Colin: It could be a sunspot, but I have bangs and am not in the sun very much, just about an hour and a half a week after 3:30 pm., so I doubt it's that, but who knows? I think it's because my skin was about to peel. I'm telling you, taz gel is like a peel. It really is. If it's peeling you want, use taz gel 1%! GD: How long until I should start to
  14. that taz is a total bust where scars and skin tone are concerned. All it does it make me peel. I apply it and then my skin gets really tight and shiny and puckered and stays that way for a few days. During this time, I lay off the taz for 2-3 days, and then it peels. I don't think peeling does much of anything for scarring or everyone would just be doing peels all the time, right? I suppose it takes awhile, but I am seriously starting to doubt it does anything. If it did, no one would have
  15. He didn't actually say the name and I am wondering why...of course, from reading kooky and sword's post, I can tell who it is, but why do people defend the man if so many have had bad results?