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  1. Adam122234

    Tetracycline or Accutane?

    Save your time, frustration and emotional distress and get Accutane. Yes, you're going to have a few pussies come here and give the entire worry-wort speech, but overall, they're a minority. Accutane for a VERY high number of people = cure. Yes, no more acne, and significantly less oil production. FOREVER. There are risks yes, but the majority of them are minor and subside once you're done with your course. Meanwhile antibiotics not only build up bacterial resistances, they also can just as easily cause serious side effects - ones that are deadly, or to the point where you might as well shoot yourself because it's THAT bad. Antibiotics are a temporary fix, Accutane is mostly a CURE. Huge difference. So you have to decide for yourself; do you want to be loaded up on antibiotics for years on end? Do you want to eventually be pissed off when they stop working and your face now breaks out? Do you want to be old someday and start getting sick from simple infections? Do you want resistant and hard to treat infections because your body is now accustomed to antibiotics and they're now less effective? For all the people whom were the bad luck of the %, I'm truly sorry, but you need to count your losses and stop giving Accutane this horrendous name and stigma. SO many more people have had great success on it, while a SMALL minority just had BAD LUCK. I'm sorry, I really am, but you need to stop voicing yourselves like you're more important - and more importantly preaching how others should not take it because of your own personal experience. Fact is, we're all different. We all react to drugs differently. Some people experience no side effects whatsoever - some people have issues for the rest of their lives. It's a chance you have to take; frankly antibiotics for years on end aren't any better - they're also guaranteed at one point to fail and stop working; Accutane is NOT (for the vast majority of people). So lets see here: Accutane for a short time, or being loaded up on antibiotics and creams......I'll take my chances with the Accutane. Oh yeah, every time you step foot in a car, your chances of dying are about 1 in 100. It changes depending on certain variables, but you get the gist of it. Injury is much higher. So if you want to take about risks (injury, death) - you should also include the fact that most people CHOOSE to drive, and by doing so, take a HUGE risk. I like to see Accutane as being a very similar scenario. Take the Accutane; unless you believe yourself to be the unlucky 1% that will react negatively to it. Then do that to every single thing you do in life, and you'll see Accutane REALLY isn't that far out from everything else we do daily. Put it into perspective, and don't let one person scare you with their horror stories.
  2. Adam122234

    For those who've taken a break from drinking

    Thanks so much! I remember drinking straight spirits and my throat being tortured. Just a means to an end. I missed beer too. Doesn't feel right sitting at a bar drinking ice water while all your friends have beer. Update: My skin looks pretty much the same as it did before I went out. Hoping it stays like this. When I got home I downed 2.5 litres of water. Plus had ACV and food. On a strange note: I did have my first blood nose (although minor) in 3 years when I woke up. Apparently they're related. So maybe I'll drink 3 beers next time instead of 5. On another strange note: A new friend I made at the pub that night had 14 beers. Then again he was about 6'2 and probably weighed around 100 kgs. I'm 5'9 and weigh like 56 kgs. You're 5'9, male and only weigh 123 pounds? I assume you look normal and everything, but why do you weigh so little? Thyroid problems? Do Aussies even mess around with beer less than 8-10%? I imagine 5 decent sized beers that's higher (alcohol wise) than the water down American stuff would do a number on an individual of your weight and amount of time being sober.
  3. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    That works, but know there really isn't anything crazy about Finacea. Just a naturally occurring acid. It wouldn't worry me in the least. Now, having some sort of retinoid or benzoyl peroxide rub off on me...well, that'd bother me. Finacea rubbing off on someone or something shouldn't do anything. I actually used to wear it while I was working out and I never could get it to run off or notice it when I was sweating.
  4. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    I'm still around, albeit not as much as I used to be. I was the clearest I've ever been on Finacea. For a bit over a year I've been off Finacea sadly. Dermatologist thought their work was done and convinced me I could do without it. At the time I believed it, but now I wouldn't mind going back on it, if for just the sake of having smooth, new looking skin. Out of all the products I used, I like Finacea the best. It was just easy for me. Could wear it during the day w/o a moisturizer, it didn't shine and it worked for when I was going to the gym and etc. Everything else was just a pain to use. Oh, and Tiffanyhr.....gorgeous. If you didn't tell me you needed it, I would've never known. Your skin looks flawless and well; REALLY good. ;)
  5. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    You can put Finacea on red marks whether or not they're from acne. Put a very, very small amount on a specific mark and it should work. I wore Finacea during the day time. And did all the BP applying during night when I could really apply the moisturizer I needed without worrying about how I looked. You can switch things around depending on your schedule. Consistency I find works the best.
  6. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    15% is Finacea. 20% is Azelex. The difference isn't much, but since i have no tried Azelex I won't comment. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Review-Fi...le-t194294.html That's a user review based upon trying both. Finacea for me revamped my entire skin. Texture, feel, smoothness....it made pores look smaller and my skin more even. The redness went away and it was awesome for day time wear.
  7. Adam122234


    Why can you not tolerate Benzoyl Peroxide? Drying? Redness? Are you using a very heavy moisturizer? Maybe there are other reasons like severe swelling or allergic reactions, but most people's downfalls for Benzoyl Peroxide are that they either A.) Use too much or too high of a percentage, Or B.) They don't moisturize sufficiently, thus taking far more moisture than adding back. Try using Benzoyl Peroxide at night if this is the problem. Apple a very small amount and literally cake on Cetaphil moisturizing cream or CeraVe lotion or cream. Don't worry about how oily or greasy you appear..you should be going to bed shortly after and shouldn't worry about how you look. Wake up in the morning and have clear, soft skin. Using light moisturizers will ya...leave you extremely dry and irritated. I'm not sure if this is the case of why you do not use Benzoyl Peroxide, but it's a guess. Not much is available for acne treatment in comparing the effectiveness of Benzoyl Peroxide. Retinoids cause massive breakouts and purging of skin ( not 100% of the time, but find me the majority of people who claim to have no had an initial breakout and i'll pay you with those statistics) Finacea is a very good alternative if BP is just too much. Does wonders for me and really helped with the appearance of my skin, pores and overall texture. It kept acne away and did an excellent job. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/It-s-time...io-t152646.html
  8. Adam122234


    Well obviously you are or were worried because you went through the trouble of creating this thread and testing out the telephone method. Why you quoted what you quoted made absolutely no sense. All i said was angle the phone...isn't that a premonition? I'm also sure that everyone else DOESN'T know that angling the phone is the solution, including you. Otherwise you never would've texted instead of talked, and everyone else wouldn't be like; "Wow, you're right...not talking on the phone really works" .... Everyone..save yourself the trouble, hassle and anything else...don't plaster the greasy, germy phone to your acne prone skin. FIX.
  9. Adam122234


    You guys are aware the phone DOES NOT need to be plastered to your face... correct? Hole it up to your ear and angle the remaining half of the phone away from your face/cheek. This is just ridiculous if people are seriously worried about this.
  10. Adam122234


    For that reason i don't press the phone against my face. I put it against my ear and angle it away from my face. I can hear and talk perfect. Now if you turn your head, and rest your phone on your shoulder to do something with both hands..then yes that's why you're breaking out.
  11. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    That's normal if your skin starts to get the early stages of un-hydrated skin. Try a light moisturizer if you can fit it in. Shouldn't be oily, or affect your skin. Should just hydrate more than the little Finacea takes away.
  12. Adam122234


    You can use it for the rest of your life and it'll work just as good. The antibiotic may quit working as good, but it's really the BP that's doing all the work. You can't become resistant to BP...so basically use it as long as you need to.
  13. Adam122234

    ...education on Finacea

    I sometimes use Biore shine control cleanser. It's not completely necessary, but if you've only been solo'ing it for 2 weeks without one, then just wait a little bit more. If you've been doing it for a while ( months) and it's fine, then good, you don't need a moisturizer. Finacea helps all types of acne. With BP, make sure you use a very thick moisturizer. I apply Duac at night and use Cetaphil moisturizing cream. It's in a 16oz tub and cost about $12, but it's worth it. Lasts me 4-5 months and is an EXTREMELY good moisturizer. Your face will look oily and greasy, but i could care less. I apply it right before bed. Wake up, take a shower and Finacea and light moisturizer all day.
  14. Here's your problem. You're letting your skin get "Chapped" much like your lips in the winter. Anything you apply will BURN like a complete bitch. You need to go to the store with $15 and get a 16oz Tub of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. http://www.cetaphil.com/Products/moisturizers.aspx It's the 2nd from top, and is in the tub. It's thick and VERY hydrating. You could apply BLEACH to your face, put this over it and you'd be fine. It's made by the same labs as Differin, so it's safe for your face. I used Benzaclin and now use Duac. Same thing basically. Cetaphil works excellent. It hydrates your skin more than the Benzaclin or Duac will dry it. Apply Benzaclin/Duac. Wait 15 minutes and CAKE the Cetaphil on. Do it before bed, or when you're in all night. Your face WILL look shiney and oily, but who the hell cares? Do it before bed, and have a nice nights sleep. You'll wake up with nice, soft skin. No more burning either.