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  1. Okay...I've had enough of pimples! I am finally going to a dermatologist! I've heard of ACCUTANE and I was wondering if ACCUTANE had any negative effects? I would also like to know about other medications you guys have taken....? thanks for reading !
  2. Yeah I can't wait to try it.....but I'm only going to try it for about 2-3 days....if it irritates my face or causes my face to breakout......I'm going to discontinue putting lemon juice on my face.
  3. Proactiv did not work for me....and don't even bother to buy that other acne product they sell on TV called "MURAD" because Murad is worst than Proactiv.
  4. Lemon Juice on your face works? Well....to be honest......I've used so much crap on my face that I'm afraid to use anything......but since it's lemons.....and it's natural...I might as well give it a try....it beats putting a bunch of chemicals on your face. Thanks for the info Sweet Jade.
  5. After we pop a pimple we usually end up with a dark spot ......How do I get rid of my dark spots? Is there something I can take or do "naturally" that can get rid of my dark spots? I don't want to have to wait a whole year for them to go away.......so please.....do help me. thanks for reading.
  6. Na mate weightlifting does not cause acne TRUST ME its good for you cant stop whats good for you. I dont know if its hormonel though at your age but one thing i know is that masturbation causes acne because it has things to do with the hormones so if you do it STOP IT. And dont overwash your face either. Are you serious about the "masterbation" part? LOL! Well....If you are....I'm shocked. I think many of us will have a hard time not masterbating.
  7. 3 day apple fast ? Sounds a bit extreme......but can you guys give me more info on it? Thanks.
  8. ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I'm laughing because I always thought that Noni Juice was Bullshit as well.....I would always see these NONI JUICE commercials on Spanish channels and I would always say to myself......Oh I soooo don't trust this crap! First of all ......NONI juice is suppose to "cure" everything (Like every disease out there)! It's suppose to be a MIRACLE DRINK.....which I think is Bullshit......sorry....I'm not buying it.
  9. ohhhh i hope this works. thanks guys.
  10. you guys think i should start taking zinc? I hear all this talk about zinc and I'm getting more interested.....what brand of zinc should I buy (as in....what brand is more natural....or the best)? thanks guys.
  11. Hey guys....I get Razor bumps on my face....I need something that's not going to irritate my face.... What kind of Electric Razor should I buy? Thanks.
  12. Sounds like the pills are better than the BP cream.