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  1. Hi, thought I'd update you all after roughly 2 1/2 years - its now the start of 2006. I still get spots but often in different areas to before - like around my mouth and on my cheeks (whereas before they tended to be more in the T-zone area) and they are often, and take ages to shift (not the type you can squeeze - they are the deep painful ones). So it makes me wander whether roaccutane really works long-term as it seems more like a short-term fix to me. If you want to see any pics of my fac
  2. Week 33 (Saturday 14th February - Friday 20th February) Had a few spots but nothing major and seem to go quite quick but leave scars. Hopefully won't keep gettin more. Scars haven't any improvement still.
  3. Week 32 (Saturday 7th February - Friday 13th February) Still no spots!!! not sure if aloe vera is doing anything for the scars - just have to wait and see! =D>
  4. Week 31 (Saturday 31st January - Friday 6th February) No changes - face staying clear! scars still look the same - no fading yet. Skin is definately less drier than it was though and not aching as much now, which is good.
  5. Week 30 (Saturday 24th January - Friday 30th January) Face still fine - no spots - altho i still reckon some are on their way. Been looking into scar treatments but have decided anything laser/surgery based is not for me - way too scary and expensive. I've just bought some aloe vera gel and am going to try that for the scars and also drink lemon juice, both of which are known to help according to posts on this site!
  6. when i burnt my skin by waxing whilst on accutane, I used aqueous cream to cure the burns - its really cheap and comes in a nice large, value tub and is available from the pharmacy/chemist - i got mine from tescoes - however it took about a week to heal completley, but was great as didnt leave any scars
  7. is this method something that you need to do for the rest of yoor life or only for a certain amount of time, and if so - how long on average?
  8. Week 29 (Saturday 17th January - Friday 23rd January) Well that's it, completed my accutane tablets today, and I must say the seven months went pretty fast. My skin's gone through a particularly dry period over the last week which I think is due to the cold weather and the fact that I had a cold, but its back to how it was more and less now. The spot from last week is still cursing to come up but is managing to be kept at bay and still NO NEW SPOTS! I'm worried that now i've finished the acc
  9. i'm just completing accutane and have the same problem with red marks on my cheeks as well as much deeper scars on my forehead area in particualr so would be vey interested in knoing what cold be done abot these as even after completing accutane you cant have any harsh treatments done for 6months-1year
  10. Week 28 (Saturday 10th January - Friday 16th January) Another spot is cursing to come up - i can feel the lump above my right eyebrow and its slightly red but not appeared yet - its a big one - i can tell. Not sure why i'm starting to get spots again - still got the small white head. I've still got tablets to last me till next wed so I've no idea what's happenning. I really hope that after all this time and effort that they don't come back straight away - everyone seemed to have a clear time
  11. Week 27 (Saturday 3rd January - Friday 9th January) I saw the derm and he told me to just finish my tablets and come back in 3months. Still clear except the one white head, so all good
  12. i dont fancy anything scary like that, isn't there anything nicer or less scary and more safe?
  13. no the red marks seem to have pretty much have stayed how they were and also the pits. what is this CO2 resurfacing and subsiscion?
  14. Week 26 (Saturday 27th December - Friday 2nd January) One tiny white head near nose but thats it.
  15. Week 25 (Saturday 20th December - Friday 26th December) Still clear, everything's fine, still need to look at scars though...
  16. Week 24 (Saturday 13 December - Friday 19th December) WOO HOO!!! - i'm at my 6 month mark!!!! in some ways it seems like a long time but in others it seems to have flown by and I can still remember the time of taking my first tablets which only feels a little while ago. Amazingly I'm still clear although I dreamt last night about the spots coming back but luckily when I woke up I was fine. Headaches aren't too bad now but food don't taste great. Not sure if I should carry on taking the tablets
  17. i have pits/indents - especially on forehead and lotsa red marks in terms of scars
  18. thanks for all the support, help and advise guys! i can't call my derm cus he's just someone who works at the hospital which is massive - just have to wait till jan i dunno if i should stop b4 - i was thinkin about it headaches - i am scared in the back of my mind about them but nobody i tell seems that bothered about it so guess its ok any1 know anything about scars - i dont wanna have no surgery type things tho
  19. Hi, i am on 60mg a day for 6 months, however I don't go back to the doc till after xmas which is nearly 7 months and have enough tablets to last me. I do still eat even though it tastes not that great anymore and try to drink more but water but still get headaches alot - especially after taking them - but if i try and take them just b4 bed then they're less noticeable than in the day so that helps a bit. ps what does truckin mean?
  20. Week 23 (Saturday 6th December - Friday 12th December) Still clear - everything still going well although the side effect headaches are still here plus seem to be loosing my appetite - nothing tastes nice anymore. But still face looks great - hope te scars start to fade soon.
  21. Week 22 (Saturday 29th November - Friday 5th December) CLEAR!!! managed to get through my period without a single spot!!! things are looking good! hopefully i'll still be clear on my 21st b-day!!!
  22. acne_suks - i read ur journal - nice to read bout someone else who didn't find the accutane working immediately! thanks for the advice - i don't eat much fruit or veg anyway though.
  23. Week 20 (Saturday 15th November - Friday 21st November) Face is soooo much better, not getting hardly any spots!!! however i'm sure the side effects are increasing too - very achy knee joints and back, very thirsty, very dry skin, lips... and headaches quite bad. But skin definately good!!!!