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  1. Miss you sheep :( I hope you got healed. I am praying for you!

    1. R.S.


      I'm healed! And all grown up now :D

  2. where are you??????/

  3. It's all related - GI tract, liver, bacteria in your gut, parasites... when one system craps out, the others tend to follow.
  4. Cyph - Yes most are pretty small. Kizmatica - yes they are the same. Autonomous - I'm sick of debates on whether the stones are real or not. To be honest, I'm one of the bigger backers of the flush and I don't care if they're real or not, to me that's irrelevent outside of the context of Hulda Clark / the diehard promoters that hate conventional medicine. To me the ONLY thing that matters is the results, whether it helps your ailments or not.
  5. It's a pretty broad guess, but I'm going to go with "the liver".
  6. LivesInABox - from everything I've heard, pinworm eggs can stay alive for up to 2 days, not 20.
  7. Palm oil is fine. It was demonized in the past, mostly by the oil companies sick of importing it from the tropics and more keen on creating things like hydrogenated soybean oil, but it's really not so bad. Plant saturated fats are mostly neutral and sometimes beneficial.
  8. Try Yerba Mate. It's an actual good coffee alternative that tastes a bit similar (bitterness) and more caffiene than green tea (and 1/3 to 1/2 as much as coffee).
  9. i use tea tree oil soap. yes, soap. it's never broken me out or dried out my skin because it has emu oil in it. and one bar has lasted maybe a year.
  10. You guys can turn green smoothies into blue or red ones pretty easily just by adding (frozen) berries, blue black and rasp work the best. Then nobody except you knows the secret identity of that smoothie
  11. Seriously though, there's no beating whey protein. It's the best!!!!!