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  1. Does anyone happen to have or able to find any biopsy pics of atrophic scars? I don't seem to be able to find any of such pics online. Thanks in advance!
  2. i agreed! needling works like magic! i have done 4 sessions of derma roller. The roller is 1.5mm type and it definitely removes my shallow scarring. But sad to say, i think the deeper scarring might need something longer to break the scars embedded deep underneath.
  3. It will only work if the skin is abraded to the extent that it becomes red and raw. Then you either apply copper petide/vitamin A/vitamin C... It may stings. Without the epidermis layer blocking the penetration of these topicals, these topical can penetrate deeper into the skin. At least that's how I feel.
  4. NO! Never! I can never be happy living with those acne scars. Those scars are suckers! It took away my life, happiness and confidence. I will never forgive them! Never! I will try my best to eliminate them. Totally eliminate them!!! I WILL!
  5. don't worry! It won't scar if you don't peel it off prematurely... Gd luck... Should heal within 6 days....
  6. It has some effects on my pitted scars. But i don't use it alone. Now I am trying a crazy regime of using 50% glycolic almost everyday on the scar. Then apply 0.025% retin A (gel form; stronger) and after that mandelic acid. Skin is flaky and peeling like mad. Some deep scars is filling in but some need a longer time. Have been doing it for the past 1 week and i am getting good results!
  7. pls keep us update and all the best!!!
  8. BHA765, there's no peeling... Jus swelling which fills up the hole. Hope it doesn't reduce. Then i will be more than happy!
  9. Hi, Anyone tried 70% glycolic peel before? I've tried a couple of days ago and put several layers (spot treatment) on a scar. I left it on the scar for 45 mins. The area is sore and slightly red but not frosted. I didnt peel at all. I tested the pH and it is 0.6. So even at such a high concentration and leaving on for such a long duration, the skin won't peel just like the TCA peel? The scar did pump up a little to be frank..
  10. I guess many would trade pigmentation with pitted scars.. Pitted scars are just too obvious to be noticed...
  11. Actually, I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of using phenol to do a cross... It goes deeper and causes coagulation just like the TCA. Has anyone also thought of doing spot treatment with dermabrasion?
  12. Mine only had swelling... No bleeding, no oozing, no weaping. Maybe he didnt go deep after all. He was using the thermal mode anyway.. Maybe next time, i am going for the ablative mode!
  13. I did erbium 5 days ago together with subcision. Unfortunately, I think I need more than 1 treatment (Did subcision alone 3 months ago). I think it may still be too early for me to comment on anything. Scars that appear shallower now may be due to swelling. Scars that appear to have no improvement may continue to improve overtime. But I really find my scar improving with the treatment. I find that erbium laser is equivalent to a 50% TCA peel with 4 layers (which I did 1yr ago) in terms of the sc
  14. yeah... subcision is not something tat will improve overnight. My pit scars took abt 2-3 weeks to improve.. Going for the second session soon.. Cheers!
  15. it didnt create more scar for me.. It helped for all forms of my pitted scars. I will do it again soon.. Yeah!