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  1. Diane week 12, RAM week 16: Well, I basically have no irritation or side effcts from either med. My face and chest are consistently clear, or what i would call clear. I still get some blackheads and whitheads, and little tiny poimples that are barely niticebale and go away in a day. Good enough for me! My lower back is mostly clear, i have two that just popped up last night, but they are small and will go away in 3 or 4 days. My upper back is either almost clear or mildly breaking out. pr
  2. Congratulations! I am glad to hear you skin has cleared up! You don't have to worry about tanning or sunexposure with Diane. My concerns are because i am using the RAM, which means i cannot tan. I haven't noticed my leg veins becoming more obvious, from everything I have read this is not a common side effect.
  3. Diane day 73 (week 10); RAM week 14: It has been awhil since I have posted. I was finishing exams, and then our internet kept going down. My skin has been doing very well. During my 12th week of RAM I broke out allot on my back, but that has all haeled up and nothing else has emerged. Definitely by the end of week 12 i have noticed a drastic reduction in purging, nad therefore a reduction in breaking out on my body. Currently, my chest has one pimple that is almost healed. My upper back
  4. I would definitely go for the retin-a micro. My back and chest were so irritated and flaky on the retin-a, and now they are irritation free. It si also so much more effective! Purging is when the stuff that clogs pores is brought to the surface, usully retinoids do this. I'm so happy that you are tolerating the Diane well. My boobs continued to grow for serveral weeks. I went up an entire cup size in the end. Good luck! Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone I know
  5. Diane day 57 (week 11 for RAM): As long as I don't pick, my face and chest are clear. I got a big breakout ob my upper back in the last week, it is starting to heal up. I can tell that it is still due to purging. The skin on my back is hicker, so I'm sure it will take longer to respond. I have no redness or irritation anywhere from the RAM. Sometimes i will get a bit of flakiness around my mouth if I use too much there. I also have not had any issues with burning. I know before I said th
  6. Diane day 49: Well, I'm really not getting new pimples on my face or chest. I am still purging in these areas though. My lower back is much better, but I am still getting some pimples there. My upper back is still purging, but they are getting red and inflamed sometimes. Still no side effects from Diane, so I think I am home free. I know I will continue to purge right until 12 weeks is up. Also, I should start seeing even more improvement from the Diane in the next couple of months. I ju
  7. Diane day 43: I have no irritation at all right now, and no redness, it is great! I have no active pimples on my face, a few that are almost healed. My chest just has a couple of teeny ones, and my upper back has some just below my right shoulder. My lower back is pretty clear, but there are so many red marks still. I had my physical with my doctor two days ago. She was saying that the latest reccomendadtion for Diane 35 is that you are not ot be on it for more than two years at a time.
  8. Thanks! I am so pleased with my results, and I know it will just keep improving for the next couple of months!
  9. Diane day 41: Everything is about the same as yesterday. I didn't pick! I scratched my back once, and quickly stopped myself before I did any damage. I also started too in the shower after my workout, but quickly stopped myself. Time is going by really quickly, I'll be at 3 months in no time. I'm going to stay on the RAM if possible, because I think that with the Diane and the RAM my skin will be really solidly clear, so I won't have to wory about using a towel twice, or wearing the same p
  10. I'm on retin-a, which also makes your skin sensitive (you are not allowed to wax). I had to go in for medical tests where the had to tape electrodes to my face. When the technician pulled off the tape large areas of skin peeled off too! On accutane and with wax it would probably be worse. I looked like I had gotten into a bar fight, and had these two inch scabs all ovre my face for awhile. AI'm luckky it had not scarred, but the red marks are still there. So please don't wax! You will reg
  11. I use a gentle scrub to keep the flakiness at bay. See my signature.
  12. You might get an initial breakout, I have everytime I have increased my retin-a dose. Differin is equivalent in strength to retin-a 0.025%. So, don't go to retin-a 0.025%, because it won't be more effective than what you are using right now. I would definitley try the retin-a micro 0.04%. The micro formulation is much more effective than the cream formulations, and it is allot less irritation. It might nt even be allot more irritating than differin. Just remember to give it 3 months before
  13. Diane day 40: I haven't posted in awhile, I guess that means my skin isn't bugging me as much as it used to. I just had a bit of a breakout on my face, two largish pimples, but they are almost healed up now. I picked at my chest some, so I have a couple of small red marks that are alsmost faded. My ypper back looks great, they are a couple of pinkish pimples if you look closely, but they are really not noticeable. My lower back is doing well, everything is healing, and the red marks are con
  14. Diane day 34: Well, still no bad side effects. My skin is looking consistently clear. The only spots I have on my back are where I have picked, and I have three red marks on my chest where I picked. I think my skin is at the point where I will have no body acne when I stop picking. I have been quite good, I didn't pick yesterday or the day before. My lower back is healing up really well! I have two healing pimples there, and all the red marks are fading really well. I still have a number
  15. The first time I was on Diane 35 (Diannette) I was not clear until I finished my 6th pack. It happened all at once very quickly. I think you should continue with the Diane for another month. Diane 35 is sipposed to be the best for clearing skin, followed by Yasmin, and ortho tri helps a litlle so it can be effective for mild acne. I am surprised that your skin and hair are not less greasy. But your expectation may be too high, I am pleased right now that I can wash my hair everyday and not