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  1. thanx captain obivious! NO im JK but seriously its easier said then done, acne can really get you down, i mean why work out, when you got scars and stuff.
  2. nobody in my family has great skin, almost every relative sufered from acne at one time, and some that are in there 30's , and 40's still suffer from mild acne. IMO its a god idea for me to never have kids, as they would just suffer with this shit too.
  3. yeah i love RPG's its like playing through a book or a movie, and so much to do, heres a list of my favorite RPG's. xenogears xenosaga episode 1 xenosaga episode 2 FF7 FF8 FF9 FFX star wars KOTOR dragon quest 8 FF6 super mario RPG jade empire star wars KOTOR 2 chrono trigger all of these are great games, and i cant wait for xenosaga 3, rouge galaxy, and FFXII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. unless you are blind, deaf, and paralyzed, it can always get worse. seriously lots of people have what you have. all you can do is try to make it better, some peope, are naturally big so make the best out of it, start lifting heavy weights. as for school marks who cares your a senior, once you get to college the slates wiped clean, and acne well take accutane.
  5. guess im the only guy over 200 hear! height - 5'7 weight = 215 i started working out with heavy weights when i was 17, im 20 now i went from a average build at about 155-160 to a walking tank at 215, and on a 5'7 frame i look like a beast.
  6. it does seem some races are more prone to acne, japanese for instance i see lots with acne/scars, but your right europeans in general have less
  7. i was lucky enough (at least in the scheme of things) to get my acne scars on my back, so i can just wear a shirt. if you have facial scarring i feel for you, i know how shitty i felt just with back scars. there are things that can be done, and if you gonna continue to live you might as well do them, many plastic surgeons can do alot, it costs alot, but if your desperate you might as well. what have you got to lose besides your scars. anyways good luck, hope you can find hapiness in life.
  8. wow tom cruise has one whole zit, he must know whats its like to suffer from acne! people like nicolas cage,kevin spacey and jet li, actually know whats its like cause they had cystic acne. but people like jessica simpson, and p diddy who have one pimple, and do proactiv commercials just piss me off.
  9. i realize topic creator, you are trying to be nice, but in todays world you are wrong. you honestly think people like george clooney, brad pitt, orlando bloom, britney spears, and people like that got where they are cause of talent, or personality. no its cause this world is superficial, and the quicker you learn that the better you will do.
  10. your not even that short, im only 5'6 1/2, and to me that is just kind of normal short, average height is only 5'9. you can always start bodybuilding, short people are great at getting huge muscles!
  11. there are side effects, but if your acne is that bad, dont you think its worth it? i say give accutane a try, the side effects are rare anyways!
  12. easier said then done, but nice post, you seem like a nice person!
  13. .acne .stretch marks from gaining muscle in arms, and fat in stomach! .social anxiety .depression .