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  1. I asked Dr Lam his thoughts about burn scar tratment with a fractional laser. I'm thinking he is probably going to say burn scars are hypertrophic in nature and therefore have a different physiology than atrophic/depressed scars. Not sure if the Bern Triplet story can justify efficacy in treatment of depressed acne scars, but we will see what he has to say on the subject. BTW, is it just me or is it too coincidental that these girls with burn scars have the last name 'BERN'?
  2. Thanks, curious. Lasers, IMHO, are only good at the highest setting. I usually don't speak very much about this one particular bizarre experience I had forgotten about until now. I had a right temple blasted with Fraxel Restore (was not even the repair) at a dangerously high seeting (risk for additional scarring with highest energy and highest coverage) that no other doctor will use. This was in 2007. My right temple was so badly scarred that it was worth the risk to my previous doctor. Redness
  3. I get the feeling you experience every time I take my long bathroom mirror and walk to my apartment window during day light. Mirror +daylight makes my skin look gouged. I can count 14 deep and wide holes on my left cheek (index finger size), six deep and wide ones on my right cheek and the kind of scarring that is too severe to 'count out' on my temples and forehead.
  4. I hope so, but im missing that RECELL Ernestoria was able to get in London. Oh how I wish I was there! Im also hoping the silicone I had several years back might make a difference too because maybe the laser can penetrate deep enough to stimulate an additonal collagen response from that??? I guess I am expecting the laser to do more of the work since that is what I really spent my $$ on. Subcision should be a cheap treatmnet, as it is very easy to perform. I did hear alot of weird crunching wh
  5. Yea, but you only spent US $475, as I recall, and I spent US $2500. It is all emotionally disturbing for me at times. If I were richer I guess I would not care so damn much, but I;m unemployed in a bad economy and in between jobs. It's alot for me to overcome, I won't kid anybody. I also have PRP scheduled soon, which comes with very few, if any reviews, so that one is kind of like a fresh slate for me if this does not work out as well. There really is not much else out there for us now, so it's
  6. ARGHHH I am really going to try and stay positive and upbeat about this whole thing, but I found another unfortunate poor review on a comment thread in youtube from someone who had 3 sessions of DEEP FX for acne scarring. This guy says after 3 he had absolutely NO IMPROVEMENT! I just wish I could come across more positive reviews for the DEEP FX, specifically.
  7. I would wait until subcision-suction is available if I were you. See my other thread about this. New peer-reviewed info just came out a few months ago on the procedure and I have been toiling away at trying to find someone in the US who knows how to do the suctioning part (instruments, method, etc..). Theoretically, this treatment makes the most sense because you need to hold the skin up for a longer period of time to allow more tissue to rebuild in the recessed area. It just looks like one of t
  8. I was disappointed to find out Dr Lam in Dallas is opposed to this laser for treatment of acne scarring. His opinion is very honest and reputable and I can;t help but feel so worried after all the money I spent already and am about to spend to get to three treatments.
  9. Exactly what I had hoped you would say Dudley! I HOPE i get your imrpovement.
  10. Not my type of scarring at all. Mine are much wider and more localized. I have rolling scars.
  11. I agree with Benni here. If you can get your scars to level with the surrounding skin, the 'imprint' of the scar itself will not be very noticeable to the naked eye at all. The challenge is trying to replace that lost tissue and hence reduce/eliminate shadowing. As I said before, if I can get my scars to look the way they do when my skin is swollen or stretched, I would be thrilled! I guess that's what we're all trying to achieve.
  12. I just had my first FX and this is ultimately what I hope for, SOME minimal imrpovement that gives me the the strength to keep going with the exorbitant cost.
  13. I just looked at your photos for the first time and I have to say that if I had skin like yours I would not worry about a damn thing! But, I suppose we all perceive how our skin looks more harshly than others.
  14. Jackiey, you're so lucky...based on what you just told me you have nothing to worry about. Im sure your skin is beautiful.
  15. FYI Eward James Olmos, I just found out, is married now to Lymari Nadal, who is undeniably beautiful: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1317082/ And this guy's like over 60 years old, so obviously he still has game.
  16. That's the exact type of acne I had. I would get these big cysts that would make my skin very taut in those areas (like it was hard to turn my head or neck to the side). I recently had two in an area that used to be perfectly unscarred under my right ear. I became so depressed after they healed into depressions earlier this year. The cysts were so deep that I noticed what felt like a hard artery connected to the cyst, linking it to my muscle and deep subcutaneous layers. I did release some white
  17. BTW, I think icepicks are the easiest scars to improve dramatically in appearance because they do not cover such a wide surface area of skin. I personally would MUCH rather have icepick scarring than the most diffcult 'rolling' type (wide saucers, depressed scars). Those types of scars never respond well to anything, and with the icepick you can at least do a punch excision to get most of it, followed by a resurfacing procedure. I tried punch excisions on my small rolling scars on my left temple
  18. Dudley what kind of doctor are you? Also, how do you classify your improvement with the Fraxel Repairs? Have your smallest shallowest scars disappeared, or did all the scar just imrpve 60% in appearance?
  19. While I can hardly find much info on PRP on the board, I did find some dissapointing perspectives on this treatment from some MD's on realself. As one doctor aptly points out, there is not a shred of scientific evidence showing how the platelet-rich blood induces regeneration of lost collagen at the depressed sites, and the before and afters were altered from what he saw: http://www.realself.com/question/PRP-Plate...ion-fact-review
  21. I had about 10 Fraxel Restores with minimal to no improvement, so im not sure if that improvement is ture for everybody. I did have improvement on a severely scarred right temple when my doctor used a high high setting on the Restore though that left me bleeding red for 2 years. It was a strange experience
  22. No, because it is hard to find a doctor who uses it and it is risky trying to do it yourself. This is also a treatment that comes with very mixed reviews, IMHO. Have you tried lasers before for your scars? You have the exact same kind of scarring I do on your cheeks from your pic.
  23. Subcision suction seems promising, but I'd think twice before doing a laser... prp seems to be a more natural way, so I'd stick to subcision suction followed by prp... Anyhoo, good luck to you and keep us up to date! are you gonna post some pics? you know it's going to be really appreciated by the whole community if you do so. Let us share the struggles of this journey amongside, dude. Actually, I posted a pic right after my first subcision + DEEP FX. Check my thread on FRAXEL VS DEEP FX. Du
  24. deep fx is simialr to what you had and you need many sessions for noticeable improvement. Be ready to spend thousands. Im breaking the bank for it, along with trying some other things in combination because I want to FINALLY see some REAL results.