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  1. This is exactly the type of scarring I am struggling with. You took some GREAT photos to accentuate the scarring. I cannot figure out how to unflash my camera to show my scars, but mine are at LEAST as bad as yours. EXCELLENT quality photos!!! These are hard to get. I can tell you I have tried several different fillers, in addition to resurfaceing procedures and, so far, nothing. But, I really want to try and see if multiple Deep Fx's will help. Because I just got new pits within the last year,
  2. No, I had none of what you described. My scars so far do not look better. Im trying to be strong though.
  3. Hey, can you try taking some pictures near a window with different lighting like your before pictures?
  4. I can say from expereience that I have tried Fraxel Restore...10 sessions back in 2007 at various settings, mostly high, and it does not work on indented scarring. It may help if you use it a a really high setting where you burn the skin, but even that does not erase the scars. I would not use it again.
  5. no, im out of work. That is the reason I did it. The healing is not bad at all. I am almost 1 month post and no major redness left, but the scars look very severe and deep.
  6. I agree, this post does not advance our hopes in any way. My forehead has true, depp, pitted scarring along my forwn lines, which I am going to try botox on as a last resort, hoping the minimization of the fine lines will improve the look of the scarring.
  7. Where do you get Sprironolactone? I am wondering if this will help with deep, scarring cysts that occur due to cow dairy consumption. Also, who is doing your suctioning? What does this isolaz machine look like and did your doctor say where he obtained it? I would like any information, if possible, so that I can discuss with my doctor on Monday to see if he can try this. I just had Deep FX earlier this month.
  8. Ylem! Same exact frickin thing happened to me! People always talk about micro swelling. But in my case, swelling was essentially gone after 3-5 days. All scars returned to normal, full frickin blast. I was absolutely heart broken. I had a journal but I accidenttly deleted it. But it was a depressing journal anyway, so maybe for the better haha. For some reason, I kept doing the total fx though. Probably cuz hope was all I could cling to. Anyway, ssecond Total FX wasn't much better. BU
  9. Just stopping by to update. My redness is essentially gone, so fortunately I did not have any complications as far as that goes. However, my scars have not yet improved, even the new ones I got earlier this year, so nothing miraculous to report.
  10. I think a PDL can help with redmarks, which would be alot cheaper than DEEP FX. DEEP FX will also help tremendously, but keep in mind they eventually fade on their own.
  11. I think the best type of skin is Fitz I for laser, which I have, and which is exceptionally rare for today's American. I healed with no blothciness but my scars look worse than ever. So far, I don't think it has helped at all.
  12. But how is the suctioning performed? I cannot seem to get an answer to this question!! What instuments are used? How is the technique employed. Noone, not even doctors in my area, know what the hel* this is and have asked the identical questions I have asked.
  13. I'm not so sure about this whole 'collagenesis' theory just yet. I have done procedures like dermabrasion and Fraxel Restore before with this effect promised, and it never really happened. I am more inclined to believe, based on actual feedback from patients, that what you see after the first few weeks after a procedure is really what you get. Hope I am wrong someday, but after everything I have tried that had utterly failed, I don;t have much faith right now and Im feeling really low today.
  14. I had DEEP fx combined with subcision, which is similar. I am about 2 weeks post procedure and all my scars came back. In fact, I see no visible improvement in depth/shadowing and just overall severity yet, not even on some new pits I acquired from a huge cyst I had several months ago, which makes me feel like killing myself. I was told up to 30% is possible after the first treatment and with several more, improvement should become more noticeable. Im not sure I will to keep going with this if
  15. Looks good, thank you so much for posting your after pictures. Looks like the treatment sofetened up your scarring quite a bit. I wonder if you had a series of these if your skin would keep getting better. For some reason, this tends to plateau for most people. Would be great to actually get to 100%. Please let us know if you do and end up with your pre-acne skin again. Seems like it is too good to be true and impossible to achieve, but it is so good that mentally you feel so much better. I thin
  16. I have found refraining from dairy consumption eliminates my cystic acne. I still get the surface pimples and whiteheads, but not the deep cysts that extend into the subcutaneous layers and inevitably scar.
  17. My clinic had me use Silkses for immediate post-procedure moisturizing and up to three days following my DEEP FX treatment.
  18. I think a PDL can help with redmarks, which would be alot cheaper than DEEP FX. DEEP FX will also help tremendously, but keep in mind they eventually fade on their own.
  19. Bummer on only 30% improvement. At least it's good for me to know about that sort of thing ahead of time so that I can try something different and report back. This significantly changes my game plan. I will only continue with the DEEP fx if I can combine with other treatments. After all, we would all want to know if this makes a difference!
  20. ylem


    I sincerely hate comments like the one posted above. Telling me I look more 'rugged' with scarring NEVER makes me feel better.
  21. I don't see any scarring/pitting. It just looks like minimal redness to me.
  22. Thanks for your story bug. It is so nice to hear about another success story with the fractional laser. About how % improvement do you estimate? Also, did you combine the Total FX treatment with anything else? I understand about not expecting the laser to do much, which is why I am hoping to combine with PRP and other treatments to get better results. If that RECELL were only out now in the US we could get the supposed 75% improvement Ernesto claims from his one and only Fraxel Repair. Something
  23. Here is Dr Lam's response: "first, i do not treat burn scars. there are plastic surgeons who specialize in that. second, burn scars as you indicated are the exact opposite of acne scars. they are hypertrophic versus atrophic in most cases (although some can be atrophic too). in general using fractionated technology for burn scars does not make too much sense to me (although certainly i am speaking out of ignorance here) since fractionated lasers could theoretically raise up more a hypertrophic
  24. Check out this thread on PRP: http://medicalspamd.com/physician-to-physician/post/767899 Some doctors are using it in combo with Fractional CO2 in other countries, namely Korea, and claiming it amplifies the results. I might try to combine PRP with my next DEEP FX laser if the subcision + DEEP FX does not work out. From what I'm reading, PRP involes needling. The platelelt rich plasma is then harvested, developed and injected into the needled scars (in my case after the laser makes all those t