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  1. I had this done a few months ago with DEEP FX and do not think it helped at all. Maybe multiple subcisions are needed, but Ive also had punch excisions and fillers, which also did not do much for the shadowing.
  2. I can ask Dr Lam about this in his forum. My guess is theoretically it will not make much sense to him. He is the foremost expert in acne scarring and can by easily reached in lamfacialplastics.com forum. My take is there is only disjointed anecdotal evidence suggesting improvement with the scarring and no pub med articles on trialing this treatment for atrophies due to acne. Then again, there have been other peer-reveiwed articles on treatments that rarely offered acceptable results. I guess I'
  3. Strange you got more scars from fractional. I had it done and it was a waste of money because it just didn't do anything for my scars. I did not even see a 10% depth reduction, even when combined with subcision, even on my newest, freshest scars I got a year ago. I do not feel like continuing given the extreme cost, so I am thiinking of revisiting silicone microdroplet. I will try the vastly more expereinced dr Resnick for this once I move to miami next week. For me, treating acne scarring has j
  4. Acne is scarring. So if it works on other scars it will work on acne. Not exactly true. I'll pull some info on this. I also have some info from Dr Lam who has discussed this topic extensively, difference between other scars and acne scars. There are some unique, difficult to treat, traits to this type of scarring. This is why burn scars and other injury scars have shown so much more success with the laser treatments than acne scars.
  5. I'd like to see peer-reviewed evidence of this technique utilized on atrophic acne scars. Many previous threads have already established a significant difference between injury scars and depressed acne scars. Depressed acne scars are some of the deepest scars, extending into the subcutaneous fat layer. I'm just not convinced on anything yet here, and what has worked for injury scars and keloid scars has NEVER worked for atrophic acne scars.
  6. THANKYOU, it's quite upsetting to come to these boards for information and be situated in a whos-skins-worse contest. I know. I have so much sympathy for you considering what you have to go through.
  7. ylem


    I feel I should ahve had the cortisone shot to get them down faster. I am so egretting I did not do this
  8. I wish I knew about this a year ago. Boy am I sorry I did not have a cortisone shot into the area under my right ear that pitted very badly from a huge cyst. Im going to cry because had I done this I would have avoided this lifelong scar I now have. Oh god!!
  9. ylem


    Help, in a desperate attempt to remove the new scars that are bothering me from huge cysts I developed ;ast year, I took my sharp kitchen knife and almost tried to cut out the pitted areas myelf. I don't think I can take this anymore. My first DEEP FX wouldn't even help the fresh scars!! I just THREW away $2600 and I went to another doctor who also does DEEP FX in my area. He told me I was savagely ripped off and would do me for only $1200 combined with PRP, which added to myanxiety. I was happ
  10. What happens when for 5 years since breaking out in cystic acne you don't get any more pits and you become satisfied with your level of scarring and then you suddenly get new cysts that leave even more deep, rolling scars? This is what happened to me last year and my depression levels have skyrocketed. I a more depressed about my skin than I have EVER been my entire life.
  11. Your story is remarkable Dudley. Unfortunately, you seem to be the only one with this degree of success. Even with combo treatments with the Deep FX, I am seeing nothng yet. I went to another DEEP FX dotor who wants to do PRP in combo with DEEP FX next.I don't know ho you were able to get that improvement!
  12. Again monkey, didn't work for me :P Injecting filler in scars is REALLY hard for doctors, because they simply don't know the exact depth. It's also very very hard if the scars are shallow because they are just very hard to see in different lighting. About the vid... I need a password to see it? but ziko, did you have subcision first? i've recently been reading its an absolute necessity to untie all the scar tissue holding it down..otherwise its bound to just rise it weirdly and unevenl
  13. Im not sure I can make any objective evluations on Ernestoria since I have not seen his skin after the procedure. He is happy because he probably does not get any more cysts. For me, I NEVER know when I am going to get a new cyst. It is so random and I think it is due to dairy. I asked my mom about it and she says I will get them forever because it is hereditary. She is severely scarred all over her face and back. Her brother is severely scarred, my father is also scarred from acne. Everyone in
  14. Yea, I feel compelled to agree with this so far about lasers. Eeven though I am only about 2 months post my first DEEP FX, I honestly cannot see any visible improvement yet, even on the shallowest scars. I am literally CRUSHED over the new scars I got about a year ago from deep cysts I got from eating too much dairy. One left a pit so deep under my right ear that it looked exactly like my deep pit on my right cheek- shape, depth, how it looks in afternoon sunlight in front of a mirror. And the d
  15. Hi Oursfan- I hope you are doing better. Just wondering if you think your latest breakout left any additional pitted scarring. I am hoping not (praying, as a matter of fact) that it did not. Unfortunately I am extremely susceptible to pitted scarring and my latest breakout last year left additional and very noticeable saucer depressions. Good thing is I have had no mor cysts now that I am controlling my diet.
  16. Are you serious?? How can masturbation possibly cause acne? I have NEVER heard this before! Guess I just did not understand how masturbation even entered into the picture! I think he means the hormones from masturbating would aggravate acne-prone skin. In my case this is irrelevant though as I have already determined the root cause of my cysts to be dairy consumption. I have drastically reduced my dairy intake and have not had any cysts in over 8 months.Unfortunately, the cysts I did get fr
  17. I have been trying to come up with a response for this one for over a day now and still can't.
  18. The way your skin looks now is the way mine looked like a year before I went on accutane and a year before I started to squeeze the big pus-filled cysts. It's not too late for you to seek treatment now, but you need to be aggressive. It's not too late for you to avoid severe scarring, but for me it is.
  19. I am beyobd frustrated....I want a normal life I feel I never had. I cannot seem to form relationships with people or keep jobs. I also seldom make lasting friendships. My depressed acne scars are consuming me. And I'm trying REALLY hard to be strong and cope, especially after spending $2500 ON MY FIRST deep fx, and trying to be patient while also trying to ignore other reputable doctor's opinions on fractional lasers being completely ineffective for depressed acne scarring. Im also struggling r
  20. Speaking of FB, I kept trying to upload a new profile picture today, but I am HATING the way my skin looks. I also don't consider myself to be photogenic at all, so I had to take like 6 or 7 pictures before I gave up and just kept my old profile pic I wish I did not feel so insecure.
  21. I hope I can somehow get skin I am eventually happy with. I keep fixating on the new scars I got this past year. For a while I was not scarring anymore and then I had these cysts that left more permanent scars. Has anyone else had to deal with constant new scarring developing?
  22. http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/07/22874...in-journal.html
  23. Hey ylem, from your posts I always got the impression you would have the worst scarring possible.. if it looks like this, it's not as bad as you think it is really! I used to think up until last year that it was not toop bad and I got used to it. Unfortunately, I had some very deep and painful cysts in unscarred areas over the past year that left some pretty bad pits. They are about 1/4" wide and never leveled off during the healing. I shared a flight with a Denver-based dermatologist last
  24. I am looking into PRP also. I am frustrated with the lack of reviews. The few reviews I have seen for this treatment though have not been good for acne scars. I think someone else on this board also complained about it not working for rolling scars like you and I have. I will try to find his post later. Basically, I am up in the air about this one. Though your doc's theory about the laser in combo is interesting.
  25. Ylem! Same exact frickin thing happened to me! People always talk about micro swelling. But in my case, swelling was essentially gone after 3-5 days. All scars returned to normal, full frickin blast. I was absolutely heart broken. I had a journal but I accidenttly deleted it. But it was a depressing journal anyway, so maybe for the better haha. For some reason, I kept doing the total fx though. Probably cuz hope was all I could cling to. Anyway, ssecond Total FX wasn't much better. BU