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  1. Well, my doc is convinced I need depp settings, rather than higher passes for scars. I know he has treated lots of petients for scarring, so he must be exercising good judgment here. All my settings have been greater than 55 mjs.
  2. I am also missing something else. Where are those who have had five or six sessions at 60 mjs level 8 plus settings? How has their imrpoved in the depressed scarring been? What's the deal here? I wanna know if this is worth it as the new photos on Fraxel.com look pretty bad for acne scarring Really, really bad.
  3. Face it folks, not even a perm filler will take our scars away. You would need to regerate new skin to get good results. I've been down the silicoen path and mine hardly imrpoved at all!
  4. I agree. It did nothing for my active acne or depressed scarring, even after 10 treatements. I lost so much money several years back when I had this done.
  5. i THINK i STILL SEE SOME CYSTS AND NODULES. yOU NEED TO look closely. There are some next to the ears where I still get mine. I'm not sure what I would do in your case, but you should go back on accutane first because you have so so much oil on your skin; very greasy face. You need to drop your oil production significantly before doing any scar treatments. You have that deep cystical, tropical acne like I do and it's there for life, unfortunately
  6. Haha that was funny. Yeah I would agree, too. Learned that one back in the early days of dealing with the scarring. Ok, I will stop posting in this silly little thread now and let it DIE, DIE, DIE!!!
  7. Quick answer, no. Tried it a few years back. Take it back and get your money back. Bye
  8. In my experience excisions did not remove the depressions. They all sunk back down after the healing, so I think once you got a pit, you got it for life. I've spent tens of thousands over the past 10 years and all my scars , even my shallowest, are still there. I'd be suspicious of those who post saying they have been able to dramatically imrpove depressions. If so, maybe their perception of dramatic imrpovement is difeerent from mine, but I doubt it.
  9. I think line item 2 applies. So basically it was never meant for acne scars. They're are just seeing if it works for them. Kinda like seeing if a facelift will work for acne scars, even though it is intended for facial sagging. That's all it is folks! I am quite sure they will perceive it's effectiveness on acne depressions to not be as dramatic as wrinkles, if any effectiveness comes of it. But, I feel the right to bash since I am trying it anyway. It's not like I am not throwing my hard ea
  10. As negative as Rupert may be about this whole thing, I have been inclined to agree with him from the beginning. What he says I have always believed to be true for many years now. It's just that not much true research is being done solely on depressed scars, and if it is, it's not conclusive or compelling enough to effect a siginifacnt step. I really don't know of many if any people having ever had dramatic improvement with moderate to severe scarring since I joined almost 5 years ago.
  11. Went in for my second Fraxel today at 60 mjs level 8. My first was 55 mjs at level 8, and the very first test spot was 70 mjs at level 10. My doc won't do 70 mjs at level 10 anymore because the redness never went away. I am still dark red after over two months in that one area. No noticeable improvement in the depressionsyet, but I'll keep trying until I am bankrupt to get rid of these scars! BTW, I WAS VERY VERY DISTURBED TO NOTICE SOMETHING ON THE FRAXEL AD TODAY. IT IS STILL SHOWING AS '
  12. So how would you rate results on the acne scarring/depressions? I see that you have gone quite far with this at quite high settings. All I care about is the results on the acne pitting/depressions, or saucer type 'rolling' scars. I am hoping this to level those, but if it won't i'll stop. I'm supposed to go in for #2 on Mon.
  13. I saw the video and I too am quite disappointed in the results for acne scars. Whta really disappointed me was the quality of those photos. They were terrible, especially of that forst woman (lol- right after they have the audacity to comment on pixel's before and afters, they turn around and do the exact same damn thing!!) I am just thinking silicone with the right doc someday will make me happier!!
  15. But you say you had Fraxel 2 in Feb at the bottom of all your posts in blue. Fraxel 2 = sr1500, or at least that's what everyone here has been calling it. I'm a little lost?
  16. Billy boy - I was curious as to why you haven't had a fraxel 2 since Feb. Isn't that waiting too long?
  17. This isn't for depressed/atrophic scarring. And there's a lot of stuff out there for keloids that has been around, so nothing sepcial about this. thanx for the reply.. you said theres alot of stuff out there for keloids? do you mind filling me in on some of those things? do you know if they work? Ceilcote, Mederma, Scarguard, silicone sheeting, etc, etc..
  18. This isn't for depressed/atrophic scarring. And there's a lot of stuff out there for keloids that has been around, so nothing sepcial about this.
  19. Acne scars as a result of acne inflammation reach at a much deeper level than do surgical scars, of whatever kind, and stretch marks. Most on here would agree. I dunno still sounds fishy and I don't know if there will ever be anything for acne scars specifically.
  20. I posted my thoughts about this in Sanjoseskin's thread about the re:pair. I will mention again: why are they not addressing the potential for acne scar improvement in the articles about this. They mention photodamage and occasionally mention surgical scars, but NO acne scars. None at all- it's the same song and dance as the last fraxel. And it reinforces the fact that they're not serious about acne scars, otherwise they'd be doing clinical trials on them with this new laser.